What Is A Guest House?

A guest house, also known as a “guesthouse”, is a place where a visitor stays with a resident. Guest houses tend to be less expensive than hotels, are more personal, and have a less formal atmosphere. Guest houses may be the only or most popular type of lodging in certain areas.

There are some key differences between guesthouses and other lodging types, such as motels, inns or boarding rooms, casitas and homestays, and bed and breakfasts.

I’ve stayed in more than 50 guest houses all over the world and believe that every traveller should have a chance to experience a homestay in kerala at least once.

This article will cover the history and contents of guest houses. It’ll also discuss how they function, what it’s like inside, and what you can bring. 

4 Reasons to Experience a Guest House

Here are four main reasons why guests should experience homestays in thiruvilwamala. These are the main reasons you should stay in properties all over the globe.

These are the 4 reasons

  1. Cultural Immersion
  2. Relaxed Setting
  3. Save Money
  4. You can usually cook

Inside a Guest House (What it’s like)

This section will briefly describe what it is like to stay in a guesthouse. Although guest houses can vary in size, design, amenities, and features, most guest houses are located in the same main sections (for most of the time ).

These are the 4 main sections of a guesthouse:

  1. Reception
  2. Bedrooms
  3. Bathrooms
  4. Common Areas


Guest houses, unlike hotels, often do not have a concierge or large reception desk. This is why I find payment in guest houses to be much more relaxed than you would experience at a hotel. Guests are often allowed to pay later after they check-in ) in.

Check-in hosts will usually show you around the property and give you any information that is needed (WiFi passwords, how to get into the property, information about breakfast). After check-in, it is a great way to meet your host, get to know them, and gain an understanding of the area (things you can do, places to eat, tour options), as well as try local tea and wine.


The property may offer a variety of guest house options, including dorm-style or fully private rooms and suites. Find the perfect guest house. The private guest rooms in a guest house typically have an en-suite bathroom and one towel per guest. Basic toiletries such as hand soap span> are also included.

A guest house atmosphere is generally more welcoming than a hotel’s. Homestay in

Thrissur is usually family-owned and managed. This means that the staff who checks you in, prepares breakfast, and cleans up your room is often the family member of the host.

This allows you to see the local culture through the eyes of a resident – their daily life, food, customs, and language. It is common to share a meal with your host and their family as well as other guests who are staying at the guest house.

In Nutshell

Guest houses are a great choice for accommodation. Although they aren’t as common as hotels, the atmosphere of guest houses allows you to develop a cultural understanding and create unforgettable memories that you’ll treasure long after you return home.

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