What is Android TV Box What are the functions of Android TV Box

TV is an indispensable household appliance in our daily life. The development of TV has also undergone very rapid and huge reforms from the earliest black and white TV, to color TV, and then to wireless LCD TV, and the configuration of TV has also undergone tremendous changes. Today, the editor is going to introduce the Android TV box to you. I believe many of my friends have heard of it. So what is the Android TV box? What are the functions of the Android TV box? Learn about Android TV Box!

  What is an Android TV Box?

  Android TV box It uses the traditional TV box to carry the android system launched by Google, and connects the TV to the Internet to make the TV a smart platform like a smartphone and a tablet, combining the network and TV to become a new entertainment system. This type of TV can be installed and uninstalled by users themselves, such as software, games and other applications to achieve “unlimited content, unlimited applications”. However, the programs watched by traditional TV are fixed and cannot be connected to the Internet, nor can they control TV programs according to consumers’ own preferences, and do not have content and applications that can be loaded.


  WIFI Internet

  It can connect to the network wirelessly, and realize functions such as browser Internet access, online video, and online playback.

  video playback

  1080P ultra-high-definition cinema can play RMVB, ASF, AVI, MP4, WMV and other video files in various formats.

  Music Appreciation

  Can support music playback function, support MP3, WAV, machine and other audio file formats.

  hd pictures

  Support BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF and other format image browsing, experience the shocking feeling.

  online video

  Access high-definition websites through the Internet and play high-definition online videos.

  online music

  Keep abreast of the latest and most popular music through the Internet and listen online.

  expandable storage

  External SD cards and removable hard drives can be used to store data and files.

  HDMI output

  HDMI outputs audio and video signals to HDTV.

  easy to use

  It has two operation modes: remote control button + wired/wireless keyboard and mouse, which is simple and convenient to operate.

  Buying skills

  film source

  People have higher and higher requirements for the definition of TVs. Many TVs also provide HDMI high-definition interfaces . In terms of hardware, many box products can already meet this demand. However, different manufacturers and TV film source cooperation agencies are different. It is very different from the technology. Some manufacturers can provide high-definition TV viewing experience, but there are very few available film sources, so everyone should pay attention to this point when purchasing.

  Hardware Configuration

  Just like the computer we buy for mobile phones, hardware configuration is also an important indicator. The number of CPU cores is upgraded step by step from single-core, dual-core to quad-core, and the memory capacity is gradually increased from 256 to 1G to 2G. In theory, of course, the higher the order of magnitude, the better, because it can keep up with the speed of development, and the machine will not be eliminated, but also consider the cost performance, don’t blindly pursue high configuration, just enough.

  operating system

  At present, most of the boxes that can be purchased in China are the Android system, and the Android system is also a relatively powerful and versatile operating system. Many manufacturers optimize their own UI according to the Android system, so we should pay attention to the optimization of their own UI by different manufacturers at one point of the operating system, whether the operation is convenient, whether the system runs smoothly, and so on.

  Extended function

  Although in the purchase of Android set-top boxes, the most important function is the playback capability of high-definition content, but in addition, some extended functions provided by the set-top box, such as: whether the set-top box supports hard disk playback, whether it supports the local area network function, whether it can browse Pictures, browsing websites, etc. are also factors that we should consider when purchasing. A good Android set-top box can not only watch high-definition videos on the Internet, but also meet more network applications.

  Firmware upgrade capability

  The hardware technology of high-definition network set-top boxes is very mature, but the software still has room for further improvement, especially the strong compatibility and scalability of network set-top boxes, which can be realized through firmware upgrade. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the firmware upgrade capability when choosing. It also depends on whether the product you purchased at the time does not support a certain function, and it can be solved by firmware upgrade. Some product faults can also be solved by firmware upgrade.

  After-sales service

  As an emerging product, Android set-top boxes are developing rapidly under the pressure of market competition, and the development of chips, software and hardware is unavoidable, so after-sales service is extremely important. How to make up for the congenital deficiencies of products through after-sales service, improve customer satisfaction, reputation and brand loyalty, and then establish product reputation and enhance brand value are issues that every player manufacturer should seriously consider.

  The above is the relevant content about the Android TV box that the editor has compiled for you. I believe that after reading it, you will have more understanding and understanding of the Android TV box. In fact, the editor thinks that the function of the Android TV box is still very powerful. Yes, friends in need may wish to choose an Android TV box. Of course, the most important thing is to choose a regular store for purchase, pay attention to the quality assurance of the product, and refer to the above purchasing skills to avoid buying fake and shoddy products. Hope my suggestion can help you.

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