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What is DLT Registration? Why it is required for SMS Service in India?

dlt registration trai

Blockchain-based distributed ledger technology (DLT) is a technology-driven registration method. Unsolicited commercial communication (UCC), a significant source of inconvenience and disruption for telecom users, is controlled using DLT in the telecom industry. UCC has recently invaded individuals’ privacy. DLT is a system with a lot of digital technology that keeps track of asset transactions. However, it supports and records transactional information in various places. The ledger records all the transactions and records produced by multiple network participants in the telecom industry. DLT is a ground-breaking platform that unquestionably will enhance telecom regulations and the supply of business communication.

Why is DLT Registration TRAI Important?

For improved security, DLT replicates data, and all copies instantly reflect changes. Key combinations and signatures are used to maintain the cryptography of the data kept in the ledger. DLT, to put it simply, is a digital system that keeps track of all Sender IDs and template data. The telecom providers who employ unregistered templates (those not authorised by DLT) will be prohibited under the DLT infrastructure. Therefore, to send customers transactional or promotional communications, businesses must register with DLT. To stop unsolicited commercial messages and stop fraudulent activities, DLT registration TRAI is required. All businesses and telemarketers that need SMS clients must be DLT registered.

Entities Involved in DLT

The DLT, or distributed ledger technology, used to regulate the system links the entire panel of businesses together. Therefore, businesses must be aware of the commercial communication environment to better grasp the system. Various kinds of entities are involved in the procedure are: 

Principle Entity

Customers constantly receive text messages from businesses about updates or enquiries. Any corporate or public organisation, including an individual or partnership corporation, could be the culprit. Every entity must register with the telecom operators in the DLT platform TRAI in accordance with the most recent TRAI regulations.

End Customer

The cell phone subscriber who will receive the SMS is the final user. Customers can receive SMS marketing messages from any company. According to TRAI regulations, end-users can set preferences, file complaints, and unsubscribe anytime.

Service Provider

DLT service is offered to organisations and businesses by bulk SMS service providers like Mtalkz. To send messages on behalf of the significant company, each service provider must be registered on the DLT platform TRAI.

Telecom Operators

Access providers that would have a direct connection to TRAI and participate in the regulatory process include telecom operators. For instance, Airtel, Vodafone, Jio, etc. 

Why is Registration Mandatory for SMS Services in India?

All business companies in India must register with the DLT Portal, according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). DLT registrations are required, per TRAI regulations, to distribute bulk SMS throughout India. Without DLT Registration, business entities in India cannot send SMS as it will prevent companies from calling customers on the spur of the moment and making unauthorised calls.

The telecom providers have implemented TRAI regulations, and their implementation cannot be delayed. Telecom carriers will prohibit your SMS if it contains the sender names from the DLT platforms. Businesses must register on the DLT platform TRAI to execute several SMS marketing campaigns, connect with leads, and expand their businesses. Mtalkz is a cloud-based platform that can help you elevate your SMS chain.

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