What Is The Difference Between Flexible LED Display And Traditional LED Display?

Flexible LED display is also called soft module LED display. It is made of special flexible material with strong flexibility. It can be bent to a certain extent under the appropriate strength, so its application range is also relatively good.

With the development of display technology, more and more application places need to install LED display screen for advertising or knowledge dissemination, while conventional LED display screen will be limited by many specific places and cannot meet the requirements of some special application scenarios.

There are some special installation requirements, such as cylindrical screens used in shopping malls, some inner and outer curved LED displays, and various special-shaped LED displays. In this special application, the development of flexible LED display makes up for it, allowing more special application places to install LED display.

What are common advantages of flexible LED display?

Low power consumption, high energy saving

The specifications of flexible LED display mainly include P1.667, P2, and P2.5. The average power consumption of P1.667 and P2 is only 25W~30W/m², except that the average power consumption of P2.5 is 60W/m². Such a low-power flexible LED display mainly adopts dynamic grading power supply technology, which saves energy by nearly 90% compared with ordinary displays, which greatly saves users’ electricity bills.

Higher flexibility and stronger bending

The flexible LED display adopts high-quality flexible material circuit board, which is more flexible than the ordinary flexible screen on the market. The bending angle of the entire screen can be customized at will, such as columns, waves, various artistic arcs, and corresponding matching boxes can also be produced according to customer requirements.

Anti-blue light, protect eyes

Blue light is not conducive to people watching the display for a long time, and the flexible LED display removes the blue light band that is harmful to the human eyes, which can avoid the visual fatigue caused by the face for a long time.

Stronger stability and better image quality

The flexible LED display adopts high-quality anti-glare black LED lights and dual-latch energy-saving ICs to display higher image quality and higher stability.

Since flexible LED displays can replace traditional LED displays, why do traditional LED displays still exist?

In fact, the main problem is the price. In some places, if you don’t need to use flexible LED displays and replace them with conventional LED displays, the price will be much cheaper. If the price of traditional LED display and flexible LED display are the same or even lower on any given day, then flexible LED display has the potential to completely replace traditional LED display.

Do you need any flexible LED display?

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