what is thiamine mononitrate?

If you’re a vegan like me who is constantly reading elements lists, you’ve got possibly seen “thiamine mononitrate” at least once. It’s introduced to many foods these days as a source of vitamin b1. I determined to finally do some research to find out greater about it.

So, is thiamine mononitrate vegan? Thiamine mononitrate is commonly considered vegan. It is produced synthetically from thiamine hydrochloride, which is also vegan. You can find thiamine mononitrate supplements available nowadays which might be in particular classified as vegan.

Preserve studying for more details on how this vitamin is produced, the vegan foods where it evidently seems, and whether vegans commonly get less thiamine (i did find one regarding examine)!


What’s thiamine mononitrate?

Thiamine’s chemical structure.

Thiamine mononitrate is the form of thiamine (nutrition b1) most normally used to support foods. It additionally normally appears in tablet shape as a supplement. In your body, thiamine separates from the nitrate group and is used for many purposes.

Thiamine is a vital vitamin for people to eat. It’s used as a co-enzyme in atp (strength) production. It’s extensively utilized in our nervous machine to help transmit nerve impulses… and some different stuff that’s tough to recognize with out a biochemistry degree!

Deficiency of thiamine can motive delirium . Severe deficiency can purpose a existence-threatening condition known as beriberi, which gets its name from the sinhalese word for “intense weak point.” doesn’t sound appealing!

Thiamine is also a water-soluble nutrition. This indicates it does no longer gather in your body fat just like the fats-soluble nutrients (a, d, e, and k). There was no designated top restriction for thiamine consumption .

Frequently, you’ll see thiamine spelled as “thiamin.” both spelling is technically correct

How is thiamine mononitrate made? Is it vegan?

It’s quite hard to learn about the exact process used to make thiamine mononitrate. But here’s the fast answer: it’s generally synthetically produced and vegan.

Thiamine mononitrate is made from thiamine hydrochloride, which itself is made from thiamine sulfate.

Does thiamine mononitrate include dairy?

Thiamine mononitrate does no longer usually contain dairy. It is produced synthetically. I also observed multiple thiamine mononitrate dietary supplements that mainly country that they do now not incorporate dairy.


Ingredients that contain thiamine

Vegan foods that evidently contain thiamine:

Legumes like beans and peas



Oranges and orange juice




Vegan foods often fortified with thiamine:

Rice (brown and white)






Veggie burgers and mock meats

Non-vegan ingredients that comprise thiamine:





Dried milk


Is thiamine mononitrate bad for you?

Thiamine mononitrate is commonly diagnosed as secure (gras) by the fda.

Inside the past, earlier than thiamine fortification in ingredients, plenty more people got thiamine deficiency. These days, maximum folks don’t want to worry about that (except you drink a number of alcohol or fall into other specific businesses).

So whilst you see thiamine mononitrate in meals, it’s an awesome aspect! That stated, there can be side effects for some people, in some cases.


Thiamine mononitrate side outcomes

It’s been cited that ingesting thiamine in very high doses can purpose an disillusioned belly .

Taking an imbalance of b vitamins can also purpose troubles . One manner to lessen this threat is to complement with a b-complicated vitamin as opposed to person b-diet supplements.

Thiamine can also have interactions with certain drugs—in particular with macrolide antibiotics like azithromycin. So test together with your medical doctor before starting thiamine supplementation.

And certain people could have allergic reactions—greater regularly to intravenous thiamine, but also to oral supplementation.

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