8 Small Business Apps That Are Total Life Savers

A small business owner tends to rely heavily on mobile devices for daily communication and checking up on the affair while away from the business. But these days, several apps are available to turn your mobile devices into a workstation and get more done in no time. For instance, you are at the airport and have to sign an essential legal document, or you want to pay a Credit Card bill. With the right apps, you can do it all wherever you are. Technology can be a lifesaver because you can streamline the workflow, manage the finances, and so much more. By adapting technology, you not only go with the flow but also improve productivity and efficiency. Here is a list of eight helpful small business apps for lifesaving.

1. Tempo

Tempo permits synchronizing multiple calendars in a single platform, including scanning emails regarding upcoming events. By doing so, the app consolidates the schedules in a single place. Moreover, suppose you happen to schedule another appointment on the same day or time. In that case, the app notifies you of the conflict of appointments. You would also receive the daily summary of agendas. The cloud storage would be accessible as well. Also, the flight schedules and its status would be available.

2. Picktime

Picktime is an appointment scheduling app. The app organizes the schedules for the day, week, and month. It is explicitly designed to address the needs of small businesses. Send automated reminders via email or SMS. The client would never miss an appointment. If you have scheduled a meeting, you or the participants will never be late for the meeting or an appointment. By linking the payment gateways, you can accept partial or complete payments upon each booking. A customized booking page or button ensures easy booking 24/7.

3. Taskful

Taskful is essentially a virtual to-do list. You can quickly streamline and manage the ongoing tasks. Moreover, the app simplifies prioritizing. For instance, organizing the tasks for the day and even color-code them to denote the urgency of the tasks. You could even prioritize the tasks according to the deadline and have the ongoing tasks repeated until you decide otherwise. The app even tracks the progress of a task that you want repeatedly done. Therefore, you can quickly keep tabs on the progress. The app also offers a helpful tool that would track the specific work quota, if there are any. Moreover, a daily taskbar keeps you motivated to achieve your goals.

4. Glip

Communication is essential for the business to thrive—for instance, the staff, clients, potential clients, freelancers, and so much more. Glip is a very versatile communication platform.

Glip is a very intuitive desktop and mobile application. The platform offers free messaging and video conferencing. Moreover, the absence of time restrictions, for instance, 40 minutes, has made the platform more appealing. You can also quickly integrate Google calendar and Outlook.

The significant benefit of Glip is you can add a hundred participants for 24 hours. For the participants you invite for the meeting online, the participants need not download the application. The participants merely have to click on the link to join, or the participants can also download the application, and many other features are available.

5. Paste

The paste is a collaborative platform for making a presentation. It is an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, allowing users to create, streamline and share presentations among the staff. Moreover, the paste can format screenshots, videos, and links to make attractive presentations and proposals. The storyboard view neatly lines up the slides that appeal to the eyes. So you can quickly make changes, navigate between the slides and rearrange the slides to better the presentation.

The app also permits quick integration of Slack, so the team member will know what you are working on and suggest changes to improve the presentation. You can also integrate paste with WeTransfer and other apps to improve productivity.  

6. Otter

Taking notes during a meeting is a hassle. Otter is a transcription app. It is an automatic speech recognition (ARS) app that writes down the conversation in real-time. The app also adds punctuations and differentiates the individual speaker in the text. It is an exceptional tool for making a written record of the meeting or the interview. You could conduct an interview or a meeting without worrying about taking notes. Edit the text after recording and transcribing.

You can quickly share the conversations transcribed with your contacts and links on Google or Zoom. That can boost productivity. The basic version of the app is free, and a premium version is available, deepening the needs.

7. Square

Square is an accessible point of sale app that allows you to receive and accept customer debit and credit card payments. Upon signing up for the services, you will receive a small, square-shaped magstripe that you can attach to your mobile device. With the square-shaped magstripe attached, you can swipe the customer’s cards directly on the mobile devices. That turns your mobile device successfully into a POS system. You can quickly accept payments from the customers without any hassle.

The payment from the customer gets transferred to your business account within the bank working days. Otherwise, you can decide to pay 1.5 percent of the amount and have the money transferred to your account instantly. The fee for processing the payment is 2.6 percent and ten dollars for each truncation on major credit cards.

8. Xero

Xero is an accounting app, and premium subscriptions are also available. You can quickly manage the daily needs of small businesses, for instance, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and even purchase orders. You can save the data on cloud storage and access it when needed from any mobile device. With the app, you can manage your business’s finances from anywhere in real-time and follow the cash flow.

All the small business apps mentioned above are available on IOS and Android.

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