A Brief Overview of Organic Chemistry

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The subject of chemistry called “organic chemistry” is concerned with the structure and characteristics of organic substances. This particular discipline of chemistry covers a wide range of topics, including chemical compound formulae, chemical compositions, and reaction qualities. Since these topics are so complicated, it is very challenging for pupils to comprehend them correctly. For students to comprehend and learn about the basic structure and idea of organic chemistry, the knowledge of the properties, form, and reactivity of compounds is extremely important. If you lack the necessary expertise, your only option will be to use the top assignment help Perth to complete your work and deepen your comprehension of the subject.

What is Organic Chemistry?

The founder of organic chemistry is German chemist Friedrich Wohler. Organic chemistry is the study of the processes, characteristics, and composition of organic molecules containing covalent bonds to carbon. Chemistry is defined by the study of structure, as are chemical formulas. Comparatively, the study of attributes takes into account both chemical and physical characteristics as well as an assessment of the chemical reactivity to understand their behaviour.

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Topics of Organic Chemistry

Listed below are a few key areas of organic chemistry that may be the subject of assignments or questions on academic exams. In order to give you the best online assignment assistance possible, we have highlighted these key themes below.


These include the double-bonded hydrocarbons known as alkenes, straight-chained hydrocarbons known as alkanes, and alkyl (hydrocarbons containing triple bonds).

Functional Groups:

These are made up of multiple cyclic compounds or chains made of hydrocarbons that also contain additional structural features and elements. Haloarenes and haloalkanes, esters, anhydrides, ethers, ketone, alcohols, alkynes, carboxylic acids, imidazole, and cyclic chemicals, as well as nitriles, carboxyl groups, acyl halides, and groups, are some examples of these.


These are referred to as the organic compound’s anions and cations. The parent hydride potassium ions and hydrons are present in these.


The naming of compounds largely adheres to the IUPAC criteria (International Union of Pune and Applied Chemistry). It includes the guidelines for naming structural features, hydrocarbon, ion arrangement, and functional group precedence.

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