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All About Blue Stone

Loose Tanzanite Stones and Sapphires are some examples to express lore. The blue gemstone looks lustrous in every shape and size. You can wear it as a loose gem or with jewelry. It always seems beautiful. Sapphire is very popular in blue color. Tanzanite, Blue Zircon, Aquamarine, Blue Diamond, and Blue Tourmaline are famous gemstones, which are blue. Here, primary and secondary are two hues of blue shade. Royal blue is preferred in primary by many gemologists. Bluish purple and bluish green are secondary hues of the blue gem. We can find almost 30+ types of blue stones. Loose Tanzanite Gemstone for Sale

Let’s explore different types of blues-

Blue Zircon – Blue Zircon gained popularity in the 1880s as English Jewelry. It boosts self-confidence and helps to build relationships. It is a good gemstone for women.
Blue Tourmaline – It comes in different colors like red, pink, green, and watermelon, but the blue shade of tourmaline is glamorous. It helps to attain positivity in the thinking process.
Blue Sapphire– Blue is the most common and beautiful gemstone among all shades of sapphires. It is the symbol of love. It defines royalty.
Star Sapphire– Star Sapphire is known as the “Stone of Fate” also. Three crossbars depict destiny, faith, and hope.
Tanzanite– Tanzanite Stone Online is the newest or youngest gemstone. It was discovered in 1967 in Tanzania for the first time. It is considered the rarest gemstone in the world rather than diamonds.
Aquamarine– Some Romans believe that it protects from seawater. It is a famous gemstone today, but it came almost a thousand years ago. It represents hope and eternal youth.
Rainbow Moonstone– This beautiful stone is associated with the shine of the Moon. It seems like white stone, but it reflects several colors of blue. It boosts self-confidence and brings balance to life.
Blue Topaz– Topaz comes in different shades, but pink and blue topaz are rare gemstones. The blue shade looks like a glacier shade. It would be the best gift for the 16th-anniversary gift and winter season.
Turquoise– Turquoise is one of the ancient gemstones. But it is not famous like other gemstones. The Americans like it very much. It comes in two colors which are blue & green. The shade of Loose Emerald Stones is closely related to green turquoise.
Iolite– Iolite means violet, and this word comes from the Greek word ios. It helps to boost our creativity. It almost looks like a tanzanite gemstone.
Lapis Lazuli– It comes in only one color, which is blue. Many gemologists believe that it was almost 5000 years old. It depicts power and honor. The Bible mentions it as well. Cleopatra’s famous blue eye shadow was initially the dust of lapis lazuli stones. It improves our mental clarity.
Blue Labradorite– It discovered at the end of the 18th century. It unfolded on Paul Island in eastern Canada. It is also known as Magic Stone.
Azurite– It is another beautiful blue stone. Because it is less durable than other gems, many people do not use it in jewelry. It contains incredible healing properties. It enables a deep connection between our mind and body. The other name of Azurite is the Heaven Stone.
Blue Garnet– Whenever we hear about garnet, red gemstone comes automatically into our minds, but it comes in 10 colors. Blue Garnet is one of them. It is rare than the red garnet.
Blue Diamond– We all know the Diamond is the best friend of women. It is not only known for being precious & beautiful but also durable. Blue Diamonds are rarer than white diamonds. Many gemologists believe that it was almost one billion years old. It is a symbol of peace, devotion, and infinite spirituality.
Sodalite– Sodalite was discovered by Europeans in 1811 at Greenland for the first time. The Canadian princess liked it most. It boosts concentration powers. It looks like Lapis Lazuli. We can get it in all shades of blue color.
Spinel– If we made a list of beautiful gemstones, spinel would be one of them. Red is its primary color, but it also gets in blue color. You will be confused between ruby and sapphire when you will see spinel.
Pietersite– It is a combination of blue and brown color. It contains the specialty of Hawk’s Eye and Tiger’s eye gemstones. The most exquisite and well-known Namibian pietersite.
Larimar– It is a remarkable semi-precious gemstone of Earth. It is a beautiful sea green stone known as Dolphin Gemstone & Mermaid Gemstone. It is as rare as Tanzanite Gemstone.
Kyanite– If we want to see the real meaning of luster, then Kyanite Gemstone will help you to get your answer. It almost seems like Loose Tanzanite Stone. It helps to boost our logical thinking.
Fluorite– Fluorite comes in different colors, But blue is rare among all shades of fluorite. The word “Fluorite” means flow. This gemstone touches the histories and mythology of various countries.
Chrysocolla– It is a gemstone of Goddess Sophia. It depicts wisdom and expresses our inner and outer feelings. It is the best substitute for Turquoise Stone.

The list of blue stones does not finish yet. There are more than 30+ types of blue stones.

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