Aichi Medical College, Bangladesh

Aichi Medical College Fees Structure and Other Details of Aichi Medical College Bangladesh

AICHI Medical College (AMC) is a famous private medical school affiliated with Dhaka University. It was founded in 1996. Because it is a well-known medical institution, this college becomes a magnet for prospective medical students, which is why it attracts a big number of students each year.

AICHI Medical College is a well-established medical college in Bangladesh that focuses on educating medical students in modern medical science courses in a variety of specialties, including intense treatments and hands-on experience in operating rooms.

The AICHI Medical College, which is located in Bangladesh, features a modernized hostel. Boys and girls are enough hostel spaces for all of the students pursuing their graduation at this prestigious institution. Currently, the hostel can accommodate all students and supply food. The dining space is similarly separated from the rest of the building. There are common areas with televisions. The students are in a safe and secure atmosphere. All pupils are provided with medical care at the institution if they require it. Outdoor and indoor games are provided for the medical students’ overall personality and temperament development.

Courses Offering at Aichi Medical College Fee Structure, Bangladesh

The MBBS program of AICHI Medical College is currently affiliated with the University of Dhaka. The courses last four and a half years, with a year of a mandatory internship following the final test. The first year lasts two years and includes integrated basic medicine as well as community medicine. The second year lasts one year and covers a variety of topics including forensics, gynecology, and surgery. ENT, orthopedics, ophthalmology, dentistry, emergency medicine, and other subjects are taught in the final and third years of AICHI Medical College.

Aichi Medical College Bangladesh Admission Fees Structure:


Courses Duration Amount to be Paid
MBBS 4 ½ years + 1 year Internship Approx. 15 to 20 Lacks


The AICHI Medical College scholarship programs are designed to provide financial assistance to students who meet AICHI Medical College’s eligibility requirements.

Benefits of doing MBBS in Aichi Medical College, Bangladesh

  • The AICHI Medical College gives practical experience in the human side of medical science and prepares students for future scientific and healthcare development.
  • To gain admission to Aichi Medical College in Bangladesh, there is no need to take any language entrance examinations (such as IELTS/TOEFL/PTE).
  • The college assists students in providing qualified, skilled, active, and dedicated doctors who are capable of working in any environment.
  • The issue of a language barrier does not present because English is employed as the medium of education on campus, which helps to prevent any language hurdles.
  • A sufficient number of teachers with graduate and postgraduate degrees are assigned to each department. Teachers who have a lot of experience, have learned a lot, and have been re-energized.
  • All overseas students studying MBBS at the college can stay in pleasant and welcoming lodgings. The rooms are set up as twin beds for people of the same gender.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission of  Aichi Medical College in Bangladesh

  • Candidates for the AICHI Medical College entrance exam must be 17 years old or older as of July of the current year.
  • Admissions at AICHI Medical College are based on entrance tests, which are primarily merit-driven, with aspiring candidates needing to score at least 50% in physics, chemistry, and biology in their 10+2 exams.
  • Students who received 50 percent in all disciplines are also eligible for direct admission slots.

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