The Logic Behind Horoscope Matching In Indian Weddings

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In India, horoscope matching is an important part of the marriage process. This practice has been around for centuries and is used to determine compatibility between potential spouses. While some may view it as a superstitious tradition, there is actually a lot of logic behind it. Keep reading to learn more about the reasoning behind … Read more

What Are The Mild Stroke Causes & Treatment

An ischemic or mild stroke happens when blood supply is reduced or interrupted to your brain. This prevents the nutrients and oxygen from transmitting and entering your brain tissue. Within minutes, this condition can result in the brain cells dying.  A mild stroke is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention and treatment. The earlier … Read more

What are Some Belief About Performing Naga Pooja at Home

Naag Panchmi

Many Hindus perform the Naga Pooja ritual at the Naga Panchami festival. This festival honors snakes. Many people are afraid of snakes as they can cause serious injuries. Hindus associate snakes with Gods, even though Christians believe they are associated with devils. Lord Shiva wears a snake around his neck as a garland. Lord Muruga … Read more