5 Best B2b Email Marketing Softwares In 2022 | All You Need To Know

In 2022, most businessmen are continuously updating their marketing techniques to improve their strategies. But among all the marketing tools out there, email marketing is still a powerful tool for marketing till now. Along with its email marketing needs, it is a whole digital marketing platform in itself.

There is multiple email marketing software that does more than just send emails to your client list. If you want to wield the power of email marketing, then you need to choose the perfect email marketing software.

If you think this software is just for sending emails according to the client list, not that is not all. It is a very powerful marketing tool inside a marketing funnel.

It helps to increase your target audience and divides your list into different segments according to your audience. And it also helps create campaigns for your upcoming marketing campaigns. So it is not just for email marketing; it is a whole digital marketing tool in itself.

The 5 best email marketing software in the market that you can choose from.

1. Best Overall: Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing software in the market. The software has the best features that are needed by most companies. The software is highly user-friendly and not at all complicated to use.

Mailchimp’s free version has the capacity to handle 2,000 contacts in a list and send up to 10,000 emails on a monthly basis.

Paid Plans:

  • Essential plan: $9.99 to $270 per month
  • Standard plan: $14.99 to $540 per month
  • Premium plan: $ 299 to $1,190 per month

2. Best For Automation: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is the best email marketing software if you are looking for automation email marketing software. This software has more than hundreds of pre-built personalized campaigns for subscribers that are automated.

ActiveCampaign has the capability to create more customer experience automation software for email marketing.

Paid Plans:

  • Lite plan: $15+ per month
  • Plus plan: $70+ per month
  • Professional plan: $159+ per month
  • Enterprise plan: $279+ per month

3. Easiest To Use: Mailerlite

MailerLite is the most user-friendly email marketing software in the market. Because of its drag and drop feature, it feels gives a fun and interactive feel to it. Due to its easy handling, you can create any free theme or pattern you want quite easily.

It is vital for companies to make their software easy to use, as not everyone is that good with technology. The software has a number of price points. Its free version is only valid until 1,000 subscribers, and about 12,000 emails are sent. The prices of MailerLite depend on the number of contacts.

Paid Plans:

  • Till 1,000 subs: $10 per month
  • 1,001 to 2,500 subs: $15 per month
  • 2,5001 to 5,000 subs: $30 per month
  • 5,001 to 10,000 subs: $50 per month

4. Best All-In-One Marketing Suite: Hubspot

If you are looking for all-in-one email marketing software that does it all, then Hubspot is the software for you. This software is able to do all types of marketing like social media marketing, websites, email, and many more.

Hubspot is a leading SEO service provider across social media platforms, blogging websites, and digital marketing. It acts as a marketing funnel. The  different services that Hubspot provides are,

Paid Plans:

  • Starter(up to 1,000 contacts) : $50 per  month
  • Professional(up to 2,000 contacts) : $800 per month
  • Enterprise(up to 10,000 contacts) : $3,200 per month

5. Best Affordable Option: Moosend

If you are not interested in investing a lot in email marketing and want software that is affordable, then Moosend is the one. Moosend is the most cost-effective email software in the market. It allows a higher number of subscribers at a lower cost.

If you want to try out Moosend with its free version, then it allows a subscription of 1,000 contacts. The paid versions of Moosend are also very cost-effective.

Paid Plans:

  • Till 2,000 subs: $10 per month
  • 2,001 to 2,500 subs: $20 per month
  • 2,501 to 5,000 subs: $30 per month
  • 5,001 to 8,000 subs: $40 per month

What Does Email Marketing Software Normally Include?

Most of these types of software include typical features like free themes for email design, uploading contacts, and campaigns. But other than that, you can create ads like Facebook ads and Google ads.

More advanced email marketing software has A/B split versions where you can test run your campaign before launching.

Email marketing tools are also included in the Google chrome helper and Chrome task manager and can be used on social media platforms.

How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Software?

Before choosing this software, you should consider a few things in advance. Firstly, what are your requirements for the software? Secondly, what is the maximum amount of money you would like to spend on the software? And which version you the software do you require?

Only after figuring out the answers to these questions should you select an email marketing software. The price, functionality, and user-friendliness are very important when choosing software. For most of the software out there, free trials are available, which you should definitely utilize before committing to it.


Now that you know which email marketing software that is best in the market, now you can choose for yourself. As an SEO plugin, email marketing is one of the best and most proven methods of digital marketing.

Email marketing can be a great opportunity if you are looking for side hustle ideas. It is very profitable and in high demand.

Now that we have narrowed your options down to the top 5, it becomes easier for you to choose from. All these choices are great options for you and for your business.

Hope this article was helpful for you and helps you to make an informed decision about which email marketing software to go for. 

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