Background Screening For Employment

A background screening for employment involves bringing together and researching criminal records, commercial records, and financial records of an individual. It is often requested by companies on candidates that seek a position in the company requiring a higher level of trust or security. Some examples of industries that ask for employment verification check  background checks are hospitals, financial institutions, and the government.

The hiring of just one bad employee can do enormous damage to a company’s reputation and business. Each year, 25% of businesses fail due to theft by best background check companies for employers  employees or dishonesty. Legal action almost always blames the employer for negligent hiring. Background screening before employment, employment screening services  including criminal background checks, are an effective risk-mitigation strategy for employers that can eliminate any uncertainty in the process of hiring. Several companies have realized that relying on instinct alone is not enough. However large the size of one’s business, it is crucial a necessary practice to avoid lawsuits and such other hiring mistakes that can prove to be expensive for the company. Applicants who have falsified credentials or criminal records almost always avoid applying to companies that state that they conduct background screening. This deters anyone who has something to hide. It is believed that 40% of resumes and applications for employment have lies or omissions about previous employment, qualifications, or education.Screening ensures that the application process is honest and inspires applicants to be truthful about any flaws they might have in their records. In the process, they can also protect the company’s assets and reputation.

Background screenings can be very comprehensive starting from a simple SSN identity check to County criminal or Federal criminal search. There can be instant background screening based on credit reports, and I-9 verification procedures as well as driving records. For someone who may be looking to be employed in hospitals or such health care industries, his licenses may be checked to ensure that he complies. We offerbackground screening services for employers.

The way they work is by just taking in information that the employer gives about the applicant. Following this, all credit bureaus and many online databases like DMV, public records, and criminal records are accessed. Letters and emails to previous employers are automatically prepared to be sent to verify employment credentials. In this way, they can provide insight into the backgrounds, integrity, and financial standing of prospective employees. Background screening for employment in the United States is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). It is also important to note that background screening may also be used for illegal purposes, such as unlawful discrimination, identity theft, and violation of privacy. All said background screening avoids high turnover rates and embezzlement in a company while helping an employer separate fact from fiction. It is becoming increasingly essential for companies with failures to carry out such screenings resulting in serious consequences.

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