Bipolar Disorder Facts – Everything You Need to Know

Many falsehoods have been peddled about bipolar but we shall explore bipolar disorder facts derived from research. Bipolar disorder is not a kind of mental illness but a condition that can be managed and treated. This disorder is also hereditary and more often than not a person suffering from the disorder has at least one parent suffering from bipolar. It is a disorder characterized by extreme mood swings from a depressive mood to a hyper mood. The depressive mood is the ‘low ‘where the patientfeels depressed and not in the mood to engage in anything while the ‘high’ is when the patients are hyperactive and restless. We have the best Drug Rehabilitation centre in Gurgaon.

Bipolar disorder is also called manic-depressive disorder and affects the thoughts and energy of a person wherein they show maladaptive behavior. The duration of the alternating episodes of mania and depression may vary from hours to weeks and even months. Though the episodes occur in separate phases, they sometimes occur together in a state called a mixed bipolar state. A bipolar disorder fact is that it happens in the adolescent years or some cases in early adulthood though 90% of the cases start before the age of twenty.

Another bipolar disorder fact is that it is in two main types: bipolar I disorder and bipolar II disorder. In the former case, the patient has experienced one or more episodes of high mania while in the latter one or more episodes of hypomania. Many episodes of hypomania alternating with depression are called cyclothymic disorders. Bipolar occurs in people of all races, ages, ethnic groups, and social classes. Men and women equally suffer from bipolar but women have been reported to experience more rapid mood swing cycles. Some children have shown early signs of bipolar and this usually indicates that they will suffer from it later in life.

A tool used in diagnosing bipolar is the Mood Disorder Questionnaire which is used to screen potential victims. A combination of medication and psychiatric help is also used to help the patient overcome the symptoms of bipolar as well as teach them to control and manage the condition. Many bipolar patients tend to experience suicidal tendencies while others turn to drugs to try and make them feel better. This usually makes them feel worse in the end and family members and friends are advised to keep a watchful eye and help them since these are bipolar disorder facts that cannot be ignored.

If you think that someone you know is going through the problem of bipolar disorder, make sure that you talk it out with them and help them get into treatment. Treatment for bipolar disorder is effective and gives out positive results. You can reach out to us through our website, we have the best Drug Rehabs in Gurgaon.

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