Buying a car? Check out these saving tricks that truly works

A car is more than a luxury. The definition of a car is different for each individual. For some, it is an amenity to commute from one place to another suitably. For some, it acts as a status symbol, helps in planning weekend get-aways, and for some, it is a passion.

Purchasing a new car is indeed the most significant financial decision you make in your life. Additionally, the price of a car is skyrocketing, which makes it impossible to get a good deal for a common man. Nevertheless, if you have already decided to buy a car for yourself this year, then you can easily save money to decrease the mortgage amount.

People have a solid financial backup to purchase a car upfront. Taking a car loan is the most preferred medium of buying a car. Therefore, most people also choose to pay down payments only and pay the rest of the amount by applying for low-interest car loans.

If you start saving now, you will significantly minimize the mortgage amount. You will hold a stronger position in the whole car dealership if you do it successfully. You may save many funds on the rate of interest on the borrowed money.

The most critical factor in saving money for a car purchase is discipline and consistency. You can easily save a lot of money for your cash-down payment against a car if you follow these tricks.

Easy tricks to save money for purchasing a car

Before you move forward with your car purchase, consider having a decent amount of down payment for it. If you want to lower the mortgage amount, you should start saving funds from now on.

Here are some helpful tricks to save money before purchasing a car that works for every individual.

Compute the down payment

You need to choose a figure you will pay as a down payment for a car. Once you have computed the amount you can pay, you need to compare models that fall within your budget.

You can put 10%-20% of the total cost of the car as a down payment according to your affordability. We recommend you put 10% payment if you buy a used car and 20% in case you are purchasing a new one.

Plan all the car expenses beforehand

Before purchasing a car keep in mind the expenses that come hand-in-hand with the vehicle. These costs are fuel, insurance, repair, maintenance, etc. These all factors should be part of your budget plan.

If you want to save some amount on the insurance, you can consider comparing insurances provided by different agents. Remember, your car expenses should not exceed 20% of your pay.

We know unforeseen emergencies like car damage, accidents, and other major expenditures have no human control. You can take care of these expenses through low-interest car loans. You can quickly pay off the borrowed money in comfortable instalments once you sort out all the incidentals.

Set up an auto-deduction savings account

Suppose you want to save a decent amount for your car down payment. You should open an auto-deduction savings account dedicated for this purpose only so that your money finds a safe house and escapes from spending unnecessarily.

It is natural to get tempted to spend money after payday. Therefore, you have to take this step to save funds for the down payment. You can put half of your pay in a high-interest-yielding saving account to earn a decent interest rate on the saved money.

Sell or trade your old vehicle

You can sell or trade your old car or any vehicle before buying a new one. You can put this money in your high-interest-yielding saving account so that it doesn’t keep sitting but earn interest each month.

Limit your spending

If you want to save a substantial amount for a car down payment, you have to spend money very carefully and limit overspending. You should cut down on your ‘wants’ and only take care of your ‘needs’.

You should find ways to minimize your current spending on groceries and streaming services. Once you successfully do it, direct these funds to your savings account, which is set up for saving for the down payment.

Learn negotiating

You need to learn the art of negotiating when you purchase a car. You can do it by doing deep research on car prices and their financing options. You can do this negotiation via email or by calling the agent.

Here your down payment plays a significant role. He might do it if you offer the dealer to pay maximum down pay and ask him to lower the mortgage interest.

To conclude

Purchasing a car is perhaps your one of the largest investments and getting a high-interest loan for the full amount is not in your want list. You can save money with these tricks for the down payment and the rest of the balance can be paid with low-interest car loans. The monthly instalments involved in these loans are comparatively low from other types of loan products.

A car purchase is not at all a cheap deal. If you want to minimize the borrowed money, you need to start saving funds to pay the higher cash down against it. Try making a more outstanding down payment as it will lower the interest rate and make your monthly instalments more comfortable.

You can also pick a side hustle to earn extra income and accelerate the process of purchasing your car. You must make sure ensure that you choose the legitimate one that pays well afore your commitment.

Setting up an auto-deduction savings account that offers a good return is an effective option to increase the down payment money.

The whole idea of opening up a saving account and directing money through auto-deduction is to maximize the down payment amount.

Having a lower mortgage amount will put less financial strain on your head. You will be comfortable paying household expenses, rentals, or other ongoing debts.

Description: purchasing a car is one of the biggest financial decisions. Start saving money for its down payment through these tricks that truly works.


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