Common Myths about IBDP Math

Common Myths about IBDP Math’s HL and SL

International Baccalaureate diploma program is the most recognized as well as exploring in terms of the wide areas covered while pursuing this course. It takes a lot of courage and dedication to complete this course.

It is going to be challenging and tough for sure. This has aroused many myths about opting for the course. And if we talk of some specific course, say IB DP Math’s HL or SL, then there are common myths which need to be clarified so as to avoid any confusion regarding the opting of this course.


Following are the common myths about IBDP Math’s HL and SL:


IB Math’s is only for scholars, not for average students:  People have the perception that IB math’s SL or HL is definitely not for average students. Scholars sometimes suppose that the IB math’s is for only smart, intelligent students. This is false. No one is great at everything, and in the IB you have the option of studying the subject you like or are good at.

You will take some subjects at the advanced position i.e. Higher Level (HL) and others at the standard position i.e. standard level (SL) and you have full control over which one you take at advanced level. However, the breadth of the IB will benefit you, but you, if you feel you don’t have subjects that you are strong at. In other words, any pupil committed to practice can be successful at the IB maths.



 IB MATHS IS ONLY FOR UNIVERSITY LEVEL MATHS PREPARATION: Yes, the IB Math’s is useful for scholars going to universities level, but the IB also allows scholars to develop chops that multitudinous employers look for. Extensive disquisition on employability chops on the IBDP has set up that multitudinous jobs in the future will bear problem- working and creative thinking chops chops that scholars develop in the IBDP.

The IB goes beyond academic knowledge. This course is designed to hone the pupil’s critical thinking chops, inquiring into the process of acquiring knowledge rather than simply rote knowledge. In short, the breadth of the IB opens up all kinds of doors for scholars and, in a way, prepares their minds for real life situations.




Don’t let anyone get in your way. You can have a life while you do the IB math’s HL or SL; you just need to plan your studies strategically. Sure, IB Math’s can be challenging. So is training or learning a new language. We do it anyway.

The IB is flexible, so you have some control over planning your trip. Suppose about your university programs and career options, too. As an IB pupil, you are offered support by your instructors, who also work nearly with your parents, to ensure the issues for you. The bottom line is that nothing is worthwhile without some hard work and trouble. With the right mind and station, you are likely to survive the course and do well.




The IB math’s is actually offered to fundamental, middle, and high academies whereas AP math’s is offered to high academies simply. AP math’s is subject- predicated while the IB math’s offers holistic knowledge.

The AP program is more likely to be popular among American scholars because it’s an American- predicated program that offers courses high academic scholars can take to advance to council. Likewise, you can take an AP test without taking a corresponding AP course, but to take the IB test, you must be enrolled in an IB class. Ultimately, both programs are salutary in their own ways.



 IB instructors, especially math’s instructors are unconscious, they lack required skills:  Instructors come in all feathers and just as there are good instructors, there are instructors who could do better. To say that all IB math’s instructors don’t know what they are doing is false. Also, IB instructors are given access to high quality professional development that encourages critical thinking, tone- reflection and dedication to lifelong knowledge and practice to solve the real time projects and problems.

These are the top common myths about IBDP Math’s whether it’s HL or SL. But students need to get aware of these myths so that they can choose a better option according to their need and desire for a futuristic point of view.

To make Math easier whether it is IBDP Math AA or IBDP Math AI HL or SL you can use tribe topper as a supplemental revision tool so you can be more prepared and do well in classes and score high in exams. Hope these points would help you to clear all common doubts regarding this subject matter.

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