DocuTAP EMR Software Advantages

EMRs are used by patients and doctors alike. An EMR is an essential tool in the healthcare industry, as you may have heard. So let’s read about one of the top EMR software like Docutap EMR and what are the benefits of an EMR. These include e–prescribing, lab integration, Analytics, and Business intelligence.

Customers stay with the company for 4.5 Years

DocuTAP EMR is a well-established company that has been in business for many years. It has made a lot of money and spent a lot time developing its software. It is no surprise that DocuTAP EMR has an impressive customer retention rate.

Recent surveys reveal that DocuTAP is being used by 40% of urgent care clinics in the United States to manage patient records and schedules. DocuTAP also provides a comprehensive suite of tools to front-desk staff. This includes a scheduler that’s easy to use and navigate. DocuTAP has done an excellent job optimizing the time spent scheduling front office workers.


Electronic prescription is the process of electronically creating a prescription and sending it to the pharmacy. You can use software on a tablet or a computer to accomplish this process. You can also e-prescribe from your smartphone.

Electronic prescribing can be safer, quicker and more affordable. Electronic prescribing also cuts down on the time between check-ups. Both pharmacists and physicians can use the process.

DocuTAP offers other services such as an online patient portal and e-prescribing. Patients can pre-register, view their account, and receive automatic discharge instructions. You can also access patient histories and drug formularies.

Lab integration

Lab integration can make your EMR a winner. The EHR can integrate lab results to reduce errors and redundancies that are associated with manual data entry. Your patients will also be able to access their lab results at the time they need them. The most advanced system might even notify patients via email when their results have been received.

Integrated EHR systems will allow you to get the most out of your lab results, allowing you place them online. This will reduce the wait time for lab tests and improve patient satisfaction.

Patient portal

Docutap Emr’s patient portal is a great tool to engage patients in their care. Patients can book appointments, pay their bills and view their medical records. It also allows doctors to communicate with patients via email.

Providers must provide patients with access to their medical records through patient portals. These platforms are increasingly being used by health care providers.

Patients will see many benefits from using patient portals, such as improved communication between doctors and patients and better outcomes. Patients can also request follow-up care after they leave the clinic. Portals offer providers a number of benefits, including a decrease in time spent on patient records and the elimination of duplicate information.


DocuTAP EMR software and practice management software can help urgent care centers streamline the workflow. Patients can fill out forms online using a tablet-compatible system. They can also view wait times and view wait times. Patients can pay their bills online and view their medical history.

DocuTAP’s analytical tool features drag-and-drop fields, trend analysis of clinics, and automated email reporting. These tools will speed up the production of financial reports and aid clinics in improving staffing.

DocuTAP’s revenue management software allows clinics to manage their revenue more efficiently. It helps to prevent missed revenue opportunities, and it keeps claims timely. It can also reduce denied claims. Its automated billing capabilities improve efficiency when collecting patient payments.

Business intelligence

Your medical practice can streamline its workflows, improve patient care, and manage supply chain efficiency by using business intelligence tools. These tools can also be used to avoid financial pitfalls in the medical industry.

DocuTAP’s EMR/PM solution is one of the most widely used and effective BI tools. The BI solution uses specialized analytics to organize key performance indicators (KPIs), into easily understandable, actionable data points.

DocuTAP’s business Intelligence (BI) solution allows clinics to manage their billing, financial transactions, and analyze performance. All of these functionalities can be integrated into an all-inclusive EMR/PM system.

These tools can be used to give real-time, graphic insights into your practice’s state. DocuTAP allows clinics to create reports that allow them to compare key metrics such as visits, E/M codes, revenue and patient satisfaction. These tools can also be used to detect financial fraud and outliers.

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