Everything you need to know about the Meebhoomi Portal

Earlier, landowners had to visit government offices to access information related to their land plots. This consumed a substantial time and effort. Meebhoomi Bhulekh, an online depository of land records, launched in June 2015, simplified this complexity in viewing land-related information online, making property-related services more transparent and quick for landowners. 

This portal also allows individuals to download soft copies of Meebhoomi Adangal and 1-B. Landowners can use this document for official purposes, such as sale and purchase of land, borrowing loans etc. 

What services can users access in the Meebhoomi portal?

Residents of Andhra Pradesh can access the following land-related details in this online portal:

  • View and download Meebhoomi Adangal and 1-B
  • Linking Aadhaar card with land records
  • View village maps, details of land conversion, field management book, information about revenue court cases
  • Check and download electronic passbook
  • Tenancy, information related to crops, source of water and type of soil
  • Property owner’s information
  • Check survey range and province risk
  • Liabilities associated with land plots 
  • Type of possession in the land etc.

The Meebhoomi AP portal also allows property owners to raise complaints about lands. Officials and pattadars can get notifications about the status of any procedure through messages on their registered contact number.

How can landowners log in to the Meebhoomi portal?

Individuals can access land-related services online by registering to this website. Follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Meebhoomi. Select the departmental login option from the navigation menu.

Step 2: Type the email ID and password. Then, select the district from the drop-down list. Enter Captcha to log in to the portal and enjoy the services online.

Go through the information of some of the services to obtain land-related details without any hassle.

What is Mebhoomi Adangal?

Adangal is a land document that details the type and nature of the land, whether the land is mortgaged and other official information related to land plots. It is a useful document during the purchase and sale of the land. 

Simple steps to view and download Adangal 

Follow these two steps mentioned below to download this document- 

Step 1:  Visit the Meebhoomi portal and select ‘Adangal’ from the menu. Individuals can select either personal or village Adangal from the drop-down list based on their requirements. 

Step 2:  Customers need to enter the account, Aadhaar, survey numbers or details of automation records based on your selection. Then, select the district, zone and village’s name to complete this process. 

What is Meebhoomi AP 1-B?

Meebhoomi AP is a land document summarising sellers’ details. This document is useful when borrowing loans and checking court proceedings. However, it is ideal to communicate with a lender whether it is required when applying for any credit instrument, such as a home loan. 

Alternatively, prospective borrowers can check the list documents on the official website of their preferred financial institution before applying for a home loan. 

Leading financial institutions provide a high quantum home loan at a nominal interest rate against submitting minimal documentation and meeting simple eligibility criteria. This financial institution also extends pre-approved offers to its existing customers, simplifying the loan application process, saving customers’ valuable time and effort. Willing borrowers can check their pre-approved offers by submitting their names and contact numbers. 

Individuals must note that eligibility criteria to qualify for a home loan may differ with each lending institution. Hence, calculate home loan eligibility in advance using a home loan eligibility calculator available online to avoid rejection of loan applications. 

Simple steps to download 1-B document

Here are the three easy steps mentioned below to download the 1-B document:

Step 1: Visit the Meebhoomi portal, select ‘1-B’ from the menu, and click on ‘1-B’ from the drop-down list.

Step 2: Individuals can find their 1-B document online based on survey, account, Aadhaar numbers and automation records. Select any one option mentioned above and choose the name of the district, village, zone and details of the selected option. 

Step 3: Finally, type the Captcha to view and download this document.

Thus, save time and effort by accessing the Meebhoomi portal online. View and download 1-B and Meebhoomi Adangal and land-related information easily by keeping these details in mind mentioned above.

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