How to Improve Call Connect Ratio with the help of Call Management App


Are you struggling to form a connection with customers on calls? Is your calling activity unable to boost your business sales? Most businesses aim to increase their conversational leads and enhance their customer experience. However, building a solid connection between customers and businesses through promotional calls is challenging.

With the escalating number of spam calls, customers have become aware and cautious of not picking up calls from unknown numbers, which reduces the chances for enterprises to connect with their clients.

Therefore, to overcome this challenge and attract and convert leads, you need to ensure a maximum number of people answer the call. Again, though, the response rates largely depend on the approach you follow. Therefore, we have suggested effective outbound call management strategies to help improve your sales call connect rate.

But before we delve into the methods, it is first essential to understand the meaning of call answer rate and how it works.

What is the Call Pickup Rate?

Simply put, the call pickup rate is the number of sales or promotional calls answered by the customers for a business. From a technical standpoint, outbound call answer rates measure the proportional calls placed by a business agent that the customers answer. These calls build stronger customer relationships, foster clear communication, promote their business, and receive personal responses.

How to Improve Outbound Call Pickup Rates?

Building an effective strategy that leads to customer answering is essential for business sales growth. Here are some specific ways to improve your outbound call management:


  1. Know Your Customer Base

A quality customer base is key to increasing the calling ratio. Therefore, businesses need to understand their customers’ needs and preferences, which will help them to reach their target audience and make relevant calls to customers according to their prospects for products and services.

Runo’s exclusive advanced caller ID feature helps businesses gather brief information about their customers, like final integration disposition, before starting a conversation, which improves their calling connectivity.

  1. Call at Appropriate Time

The fundamental priority of a business is to get maximum conversation leads. But this shouldn’t come at the cost of harming the brand’s image. Therefore, businesses should avoid calling their customers at an inappropriate time. Calls before 8 am and after 8 pm are considered rude and inappropriate in the business world.

Studies have shown that the best time to call customers to increase the call connection rate is between 11 AM and 12 PM.

  1. Use Smart Dialing Features

Businesses must use outbound calling best practices and methods to increase the sales call connect rate. Therefore, using effective CRM calling software like Autodialer is the most efficient method for calling CRM.

The Autodialer is an application that automates client calls, which is especially effective in call centres and call tracking systems. It adds efficiency and analytical insights to business sales. For example, Runo’s SIM-based Call Management App enables users to automate outbound dialling and increase call conversion rates.

  1. Dial from a Local Area Code

One of the primary reasons for the low calling CRM is that businesses use specific calling IDs instead of local caller IDs for promotional calls. Most people don’t want to answer phone calls from unknown numbers or specific area codes.

This is where the advantage of using a local caller ID comes into play; it gives the caller a  local presence and reduces the feel of promotional calls, which provides an upper hand in the customer connection and escalated call answer rate.

  1. Use Multiple-Channel Contact Strategy

There is no one recipe for increasing the calling rates ratio for your business. Therefore, using a multiple-channel strategy is recommended for effective outbound call management.

Using multiple channels, effective marketing strategies, and cloud telephony services to contact customers provides consistent and complementary customer expertise and experience. For example, businesses can use other methods of communication like SMS or emails to reach their customers or social media to form a connection with the targeted audience.

  1. Verify Your Credibility

Most customers identify promotional calls as scams. On that account, it becomes crucial for businesses to verify their calling IDs as credible and authentic. Studies have shown that businesses improve their outbound calling management rate by 52% if it is not marked as scams.


Outbound call management is a challenging job. But, with an effective call management CRM system and a correct strategy help businesses grow their sales immensely. In addition, CRM calling software and call tracking improve business relationships with customers, streamline processes and enhance profitability.

Furthermore, Runo’s practical approach to telecalling CRM and call management boosts sales management and productivity. So if you want to be a growing business with great customer connections, then you must try these methods.

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