How to Select best web hosting

Choosing the right web hosting company can be intimidating particularly if you are a newbie to this industry and do not have much technical knowledge.  There are a number of web hosting companies that will entice you by boasting their services and offering you packages with concessions. Therefore, it is vital to keep some basic things in your mind when looking for the best web host company.

Reliability and speed of access

The speed of a web host is the most important. In general look for a minimum uptime of 99% or maybe 99.5% or higher, would be a better option. The more the uptime, the better will be their speed.

Data Transfer (Traffic/Bandwidth)

Data transfer (traffic or bandwidth) is the number of bytes transferred from your website to visitors when they visit your site. In typical traffic requirements of a website, most common websites is (which don’t use video or music), use less than 3 GB of bandwidth per month.

Disk space

Apart from video and music websites, space less than 20 MB is good enough. Any hostngcopany offers enticing offers of 100 GB free or unlimited space are just a bogus. We generally don’t require such a huge disk space.

Technical support

Technical support is most important. It’s important that a good web hosting company technical support functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The best way to check is by checking their support on weekends or public holidays.

Try to test them on Saturday and Sunday. Check how much time they take to respond, are they are technically competent?

SSL (secure server)

SSL makes the website look more authentic and trustworthy. SSL certificate means where your site is accessed using a web address that begins with “https://” instead of “https://”, from the very outset. You need to check which web hosting provides you free or SSL or which one offers a paid SSL. The fee also incurred on a monthly or yearly basis.

Email, Autoresponders, POP3, Mail Forwarding

Do you want email addresses at your own domain such as Choose the web hosting which provides you whatever email addresses you want on your domain.

Control Panel

In short, it is called- cPanel. It is a dashboard where you are allowed you to manage different features of your web account yourself.

Multiple Domain Hosting and Subdomains

You want to include a subdomain on your website such as Choose the web host that enables you to use multiple domains or subdomains hosted in your account. The charge must be paid in a one-time or monthly.


Price is always the most important factor but it’s not necessarily true that the most costly hosts are the best web host.


Not all web hosting companies are authentic?  The drawback of taking hosting from a reseller is that they don’t know much about the technicalities and they don’t know which package is best suited for you. It’s important to check the reseller previous client and real hosting company.

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