How to Start A Research Paper on Bullying? Top 10 Topics to Follow

The concept of bullying is getting flourishing in the modern age. Bullying uses influential skills and powers to give others some discomfort and harm. In this process, bullies are the aggressive people engaged in harming others. However, another party involved in it is a victim. Modern-day researchers are conducting research to write a research paper on bullying in different dimensions. These dimensions include horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and cross-sectional research papers. The versatile writing styles help people to learn more about bullying.

  • People get aware of the people who may affect,
  • Impacts and challenges of bullying on all the stakeholders, including nobels, victims, and bullies,

This study helps to highlight the fact that bullying may affect some people. It also helps in learning the impacts and challenges on all the stakeholders. The reader of this article must have knowledge and information that remains a significant challenge to achieve a high level of morality to overcome bullying.

A Research Paper on Bullying is used in different academic subject fields, including:

  • Education,
  • Media,
  • Sociology,
  • International Relations,
  • Psychology, and;
  • Public Administration.

Tips and Suggestions to Write on Bullying

In order to produce an excellent piece of study on the topic of bullying, the writer must have comprehensive knowledge and awareness of the subject matter. Some tips and suggestions by the best PhD dissertation helpers may ease the work of a writer. These tips and suggestions are generic and must also equip with necessary in-depth and specific details of the topic. Thes tips and suggestions include:

  • Selection of topic to analyse and interpret a problem,
  • Reading Different Pieces of Literature to Take Guideline,
  • Collect Scholar’s Statements on Bullying,
  • Use of Practical Experiences,
  • Creative Writing and;
  • Ensure Logical Sequences.

Selection of topic to analyse and interpret a problem

The writer of the study must gather sufficient knowledge by analysing and interpreting the collected data. It will help the writer get in-depth knowledge and information about the subject matter. In this way, the researcher will understand the causes, impacts, and solutions. If the writer does not have any specific topic on buying. Then the writer may use online resources to identify the most suitable topic.

Reading Different Pieces of Literature to Take Guideline

After finalizing the subject matter and the topic of the study, the writer should consult the work on a similar topic completed by different students. For this purpose, the writer may study different papers and articles to understand the topic and the dimension. The vital thing to note that the things that may be useful and the list of unnecessary things. It will help in saving a considerable period. It will also ease the researcher’s work to create a study structure. Moreover, the writer can gather different examples used in the study.

Collect Scholar’s Statements on Bullying

While writing a Research Paper on Bullying, the writer may search for different scholarly works on the same subject matter. The researcher may consult different pieces of literature, including dissertation, thesis, journals, and research papers. It will help analyse the information, structure, and arguments built on the subject matter. These research works are trustworthy. For instance, if a writer is writing on digital media bullying essay. The writer needs to conduct comprehensive research using different keywords, including bullying, cyber, online, anti-bullying, digital, and social media.

Use of Practical Experiences

Any piece of research that is backed or supported by the pieces of evidence enhances its credibility. Suppose the writer uses practical experiences while writing a paper on bullying to justify some arguments. Such arguments may be considered facts. In this way, the writer can build strong statements to ensure an effective piece of study. It is unfortunate to mention that bullying is a common issue. If the writer does not experience bullying directly, they need to find this in their social circle.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is a tool that may be derived from within oneself. To ensure writing a perfect paper on bullying, the researcher needs to structure the writing. According to the requirement, the writer must divide the writing into different headings and subheadings. The piece of writing must include different examples. The writer utilises different sources to present creative material. The creative material will help gain the reader’s attention. The writer may use different tables, charts, graphs, and graphics in the paper. The use of different media in the study will improve the presentation of the study.

Ensure Logical Sequences

Any piece of writing needs to have logical sequences. The missing connections in writing may lead to distracting the reader. Therefore, its credibility will remain questionable. Hence, the writer must structure the essay in a logical flow. It will help the reader to understand the sequence of the essay. The writer needs to outline the Research Paper on Bullying. The structure of the essay consists of an introduction, two to three body paragraphs, and a conclusion of the study. There is also an option to hire a good PhD dissertation writing service in case of any issues.

Top 10 Bullying Topics

There are numerous topics to write about on bullying. However, the following list the top 10 topics to write a Research Paper on Bullying.

  1. Comparative study on the direct and indirect use of bullying
  2. Causes and Impact of Bullying
  3. Bullying in Educational Institutions
  4. Bullying Leads to Spiral of Silence
  5. Academic Performance and Bullying
  6. Comparative Study on Active and Passive Victims of Bullying
  7. Engagement of Social Agencies to Protect People from Bullying
  8. Designing Public Policies to Suppress Aggression and Bullying
  9. Psychological Health and Bullying
  10. Child Aggression and family background


Future research can assist in identifying the cause and impacts of bullying factors. The research work that is equiped with practical experience can help control the bullying factor. Bullying factor leaves harmful impacts. The most significant impact is on the personality of the victim party. Every citizen has equal rights, and no citizen may be allowed to directly or indirectly harm the personality of another citizen. To ensure effectiveness, the research should design the proper structure of the study. The study must be logical and sequential. The study must also equip with exmaples and practical experiences to justify some arguments.

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