Picasso EMR – Features and Integration


The Picasso EMR has many pros and cons. Its cost and customizable options are just two of the many pros. The Patient portal and integration to lab services are two other features worth mentioning. You may choose to explore different systems depending on your needs and preferences. You don’t have to compromise functionality by purchasing software.

Patient portal feature

Picasso EMR patient portal helps streamline physician-patient communication. Patients can access their records and make online payments. Physicians can also access the information. The system also allows providers and practices to monitor patient compliance with Meaningful Use. The software can be monitored by physicians and practices to ensure that the software is being used correctly.

Physicians can give patients easy access to their medical records and answer any questions with the patient portal. This feature allows doctors to keep appointments open for urgent patients. This allows physicians to reduce no-shows and increase their productivity.

Patient reminders

EMR software allows you to set up patient reminders that can help ensure your patients stay on track. Some patients prefer to receive mail while others prefer individual messages to be sent to their mobile phones. No matter what method you prefer, Picasso EMR patient reminders are designed to meet your patients’ immediate needs.

Text messages are the most popular way to remind patients. This is especially useful for people who are busy. A recent survey found that almost two-thirds (63%) of Americans would prefer secure texting to communicate with their healthcare providers rather than using an online portal. Also, majority of respondents also said that they prefer to receive messages via text message about the illness of a loved one, and 80% preferred general health messages from their doctor.

Integration with laboratory services

Integration with Picasso EMR lab services allows providers to order laboratory tests from any laboratory. This allows them to tailor their care for each patient. To get a broad picture of a patient’s overall health, a doctor may order a laboratory panel. Moreover, this is a collection of standard lab tests. To gather more specific information, doctors can order targeted tests.

Integrating lab services into your EHR will be a crucial component of a high-quality medical software solution. A lab integration tool that is efficient can reduce errors due to manual data entry. Typos, omitted fields or duplicated data can all be caused by human error when physicians fill out billing information and demographic data.


Picasso EMR, an EHR software, offers many features to help you manage your practice. These features include electronic prescriptions, patient records and lab results. Task management is also available. It offers multi-location support, web and mobile integration, custom reports, and customized reporting. Cloud-based hosting is also available to users. Picasso offers data migration and training services.

This EMR system conforms to HIPAA standards and MACRA standards. So, It can recognize handwriting, making it particularly useful for doctors. The powerful dashboard for doctors allows physicians to quickly and easily search patient information. Secure software ensures that patient information remains safe.

You also get more than 2000 pre-built reports. These can customize and export to Excel or Microsoft Word. Hence, you can schedule periodic reports with it.

Meaningful Use dashboard

The Meaningful Use Dashboard from Picasso EMR is a great way to keep track of your meaningful use progress. It refreshes automatically for a specific date range, which allows EPs to quickly review progress and attest that MU has been achieved. In addition, this tool takes the hassle out of manually updating multiple spreadsheets to track meaningful usage progress.

All administrators and users who have an edit level of 4 can access the Meaningful Use Dashboard. Once you are in the Meaningful Use Dashboard, you can modify the fields and select the year and attesting provider. If you wish, you can print the information.

The Picasso EHR is HIPAA- and MIPS-compliant, and features a powerful dashboard that was designed for physicians. So, you can also view patient data from anywhere, no need to travel late at night to the office.

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