Reasons to Use an Outsourced Controller

Every organization’s accounting department needs a controller. They oversee the accounting team, provide month-end closure reports, supervise bookkeepers and accountants, and assist CEOs in making important business decisions. Companies can gain advantages from things they wouldn’t receive from in-house controllers by using Outsourced Controller Services. CEOs won’t waste valuable time managing staffing issues, overseeing work, or defining the precise procedures a controller should adhere to. 

Management of the timeliness and correctness of the financial performance is crucial, regardless of the size or financial status of a firm. You may accomplish it with the use of external controllers. Additionally, they provide the data and financial statistics needed to make wise financial decisions. In the end, the expansion and viability of the business are a result of their efforts. The advantages of using an outsourced controller are listed below. 


An excellent controller should have a degree in accounting and several years of experience working for different organizations. However, we find that controllers with extensive experience and a degree have the best comprehension of the reports that are anticipated for the role. There are persons with the title of the controller for organizations who have not completed college but are quite competent.

Although in-house controllers should be familiar with best practices and have experience with them, it’s possible that their employer doesn’t mandate frequent training, which might result in subpar industry expertise. Outsourced controllers receive standardized training and frequent exposure to fresh procedures. 


The controller arranges the financial components of deals and commitments that are already “on the books.” Keeping the financial aspect of the firm operating properly aids businesses in staying out of difficulties. Additionally, it guarantees that a CFO’s assessments are supported by strong, trustworthy data.

However, by outsourcing the controller role you are no longer forced into a “either/or” decision and may have both at a very affordable price. By outsourcing, you may avoid paying payroll taxes and benefits and just pay for the labor you actually need. In reality, the cost of an external controller will probably be “recovered” in the improved timeliness and accuracy of your financial records.

Organized Records 

You cannot characterize your sales and profit patterns with confidence if your financial records are disorganized. You cannot know for sure whether your suppliers are being paid correctly or whether your customers have received the proper invoices (we have seen instances when invoices were never issued and consumers were billed twice).

In the end, it means you cannot verify the correctness of the balance sheet, income statement, or the amount of free cash flow the company is producing. This puts you at a severe disadvantage whether you try to raise money or are looking for a buyer for your business. You would be in a better position to negotiate with capital providers if you hired an outsourced controller to straighten out your accounts and set up open systems to stop them from “backsliding.” You would be able to confidently define the financial health of your company and be in a better position to do so.

Tax Management 

Company regulations require firms to keep accurate records of the money they have earned, spent, and consumed. Here, outsourced controller services let you quickly and easily document financial proofs. The controller is well-versed in both financial matters and legislation that pertain to them. In order to assist you in developing financial strategies, outsourced services offer current, in-depth financial analyses of your costs and revenues. 

Compliance With Policies 

When preparing correct month-end closure reports, controllers’ jobs are made easier when they have a procedures manual or policy to follow. Much information must be kept track of during the month in order to receive these reports at month’s end.

In order to ensure compliance and a good month-end closure, outsourced controllers keep an eye on workers to ensure that policies and procedures are being followed. In order to make sure that nothing is overlooked during the process, step-by-step procedures are documented in a month-end checklist. Additionally, procedures make it simple for outsourced controllers to fill in for absent or sick employees.

Month-End Close 

The monthly reports you get outline the general state of your company. They are crucial because a CEO can identify where the company is succeeding and where it is failing. The month-end reports will change based on the demands of the firm. An income statement, balance sheet, accounts payable and receivable, and a statement of cash flows are normally included in a traditional month-end closure.

The package might contain things like budget vs. actual and bespoke reports indicating profitability by client, jobs, goods or services, marketing expenditure, employee, department, etc. if your company needs additional in-depth reporting.


A qualified outsourced controller business has carefully screened every controller on staff. The day-to-day operations of any organization depend so heavily on information, thus the outsourced controller firm is selective in who they choose. When you hire an outsourced controller, you won’t have to post job vacancies, sort through applicants, or hold several interviews. Instead, the outsourced controller business will evaluate your needs and make a solution recommendation that best satisfies them.

In conclusion, outsourced controller services may offer a variety of financial services, such as risk management, budget creation, trend forecasting, data analysis, financial reporting, and the development of strategic strategies to enhance financial performance. Cost-effectiveness, flexibility, scalability, and access to knowledge and insights that firms would not otherwise have are all advantages of outsourced controller services. Businesses might benefit from a new viewpoint and unbiased evaluation of their financial processes by outsourcing controller services. 

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