Scaling Your Amazon Business Internationally: 5 Key Points To Remember

Most sellers who run a business selling goods on Amazon or another marketplace spend their days planning to expand their operations, improve their business, generate more sales, and ultimately boost their earnings. 

One of the quickest and best methods to expand your consumer base and increase sales is entering international markets. But it goes without saying that expanding your business internationally can appear exceedingly difficult, especially for a small to medium-sized company. And while international expansion can be difficult and expensive to implement, Amazon makes it much more manageable. 

Today, most Amazon merchants can enter foreign markets without making significant financial investments or adding additional personnel. However, to ensure the success of your business expansion, there are a few things you must understand and implement.

In this guide, we will provide you with some advice and insights for developing a fruitful business plan for global expansion on Amazon.


Even though Amazon makes it relatively simple for sellers to launch a business and access a massive customer base, the company is renowned for having complicated regulations and procedures that frequently change without notice. As a consequence, merchants who disregard Amazon’s policies risk having their accounts permanently suspended. Additionally, many Amazon policies are subject to change depending on the nation. Therefore, carefully examining Amazon’s guidelines for each market before expanding your business would be beneficial.

In addition to the rules and regulations set forth by Amazon, you must ensure that you can ship your items and get them through customs without any delays or problems. You should also consider the laws of the nation where you intend to sell your products.


  • Make a plan for expanding your company to foreign markets.

Even if your products have proven popular in your country, that doesn’t guarantee they will have the same success elsewhere. Thus, you must develop an effective and thoroughly researched strategy to ensure your brand achieves its full potential in a new nation. This entails examining the market and gauging demand for the goods your business provides, finding the best price point, and assessing whether your product is culturally fit for the country. Unfortunately, many global Amazon sellers translate their standard prices to the new market’s currency. This is incorrect since it could force you to establish uncompetitive pricing or reduce your profit margins due to the increased shipping, taxes, and other charges. 

Additionally, you will need to develop a profile of your ideal client in the new market and determine how to draw them to your product listings. Finally, evaluating your rivals and figuring out how to differentiate your brand and items will be essential. 

Following the development of your strategy, you must adapt your product listings to the market. Examples include creating fresh infographics and product photos in the appropriate language, translating product descriptions, titles, and bullet points, and personalizing this information to your target audience. Moreover, it is best suggested to outsource Amazon listing optimization services to a professional company for all these procedures to be successful.


  • Select the products you want to introduce to the new market

It may be tempting to introduce all of your brand’s items in the new market at once to gain a more significant market share. However, this is frequently a bad idea since you run the danger of spreading yourself too thin too quickly. Instead, you should examine all the information you’ve gathered to identify the products that will do best in the new market. Of course, these might be your current best-selling items, but occasionally other things do better on the market due to cultural differences.

Using this risk-aware method, you can avoid shipping goods that you would find difficult to sell to another nation and incur storage costs. Once you successfully launch a few things and gain interest, you can focus on introducing new product lines. Additionally, you won’t have to manage a large inventory and can work out all the logistics of selling your goods in a new market.


  • Optimize the order fulfillment process

Regardless of how anxious you might be to list your goods and begin selling in the marketplace, it would be beneficial to wait until you have streamlined the order fulfillment procedure and established that you could fulfill all orders promptly. If you don’t do this, you can see a surge in orders when your product goes live and be unable to deliver them promptly. This could result in you receiving a ton of lousy feedback immediately, thus tanking your brand in the new market before you’ve had a chance to win over clients.


  • Develop good customer relationships and focus on obtaining positive reviews and ratings.

One of the most crucial factors determining the success of any product sold on Amazon is receiving favorable reviews or ratings. It’s challenging to debut a product with no evaluations, so you should always obtain as much customer feedback as possible when your products hit the new market. Amazon offers several tools, such as Amazon Vine and ERP, to assist you in achieving this objective. Undeniably, to create a successful international Amazon business, it is imperative to keep customer services as your priority. 


Final Thoughts 

Amazon makes entering new markets for vendors extremely simple. There are still many things to consider and dangers to avoid, though. While this endeavor will help you gain direction and grow your business, it will also drastically increase your load. So, feel free to ask for assistance from knowledgeable Amazon virtual assistants so you can accomplish global objectives.

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