Steps to Fill a Fixed Deposit Account Opening Form

Opening a Fixed Deposit account in India is easy. The NBFC’s representative will make you aware of the fixed deposit interest rates in India and help you choose the ideal scheme.

Before you invest, it’s good to speak to a financial advisor who helps you learn the benefits of a fixed deposit scheme. The person will help you learn about the interest rates, and thus you can choose the ideal scheme. It will maximize your savings, and you can start saving. A fixed deposit scheme is not affected by the market’s volatility, and it’s the best option for senior citizens.

A Fixed Deposit account helps you make good savings. Now, opening a fixed deposit account is easy, and you will learn how the bank helps you save money. You can visit the bank’s app or website, and you will find the option to open a Fixed Deposit account. First, knowing the fixed deposit interest rates in India is important, and it becomes easy to choose where to open your account.

Why choose a Fixed Deposit Account?

Here are the reasons that show why it’s good to choose a Fixed Deposit account:

  • A Fixed Deposit scheme has lower risks, and you will receive steady returns.
  • Fixed Deposit schemes come up with different time frames, and you can deposit an amount for a fixed tenure.
  • A Fixed Deposit scheme aids you in receiving interest on the principle, and you may use an online calculator to calculate the interest you will receive.
  • And there is the option to transfer the amount directly from your Saving Account to a Fixed Deposit account.

Hence, you get a clear idea of how Fixed Deposit schemes give you the confidence to make savings. Manifold financial institutes and NBFCs have fixed deposit schemes, and it’s easy to choose the feasible one. Once you get familiar with India’s fixed deposit interest rates, you will find investing easy.

Detailed Steps to Open a Fixed deposit Account Offline

Here are the steps showing how to open a Fixed Deposit account offline:

  • First, collect the application form and ensure you enter the right tenure and amount.
  • Then fill in other parts of the form and submit it to your nearest NBFC branch.
  • Ensure you can pay the amount, and it’s good to know whether you can make an online transfer.
  • Also, you need to enter your nominee’s details, and thus it becomes easy to open a Fixed Deposit account.

So, you get familiar with the steps that help you open a Fixed Deposit account offline.

Next, here are the steps following which you can open a Fixed Deposit account online:

  • Visit your NBFC’s website, and you will find the choice to open a Fixed Deposit account.
  • Then log in using your valid username and password.
  • Next, you need to click on ‘Open Fixed Deposit Account,’ and it’s easy to choose the tenure and amount.
  • Fill in other details such as the nominee’s name, address, account number, etc.
  • You must choose an account from which you will transfer the amount, and it’s easy to approve the transfer to your Fixed Deposit account.

Overall, you will find it easy to fill out your application form offline and online. Once you submit the form, the NBFC will go through the details to check your eligibility. And you will receive a confirmation via email and enjoy the benefits of a fixed deposit scheme.

FD Account Features

First, you must know the FD account features:

  • Fixed deposit accounts are easy to operate, and it’s easy to change the nominee’s name. Also, you may extend the tenure, and it helps you continue gaining interest.
  • FD account comes up with easy liquidity and helps you handle financial emergencies. However, you need to wait up to the maturity period to receive the full benefits of a fixed deposit scheme.
  • A fixed Deposit account helps you apply for a loan easily. The NBFC will provide you with a loan against your account; thus, you will find it easy to deal with the monetary crisis.

Once you learn the detailed features, you will feel confident to open your Fixed Deposit account. And it’s important to get a clear idea of fixed deposit interest rates in India. Finally, you will start enjoying the benefits, and it aids you in making savings. Bajaj Finserv is the ideal place where you can visit to open your Fixed Deposit account. The representatives will help you know the interest rates, and it will help you eliminate all confusion. They will assist you and helps you fill out the application form easily.

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