Top Challenges And Advantages Of Network Management

What is Network Management  : It is the sum general of programs, equipment and procedures used to provision, perform, keep, administer and secure community infrastructure. The overarching function of community control is making sure network resources are made available to users efficiently and quickly. It leverages fault evaluation and overall performance management to optimize network fitness. Network control covers the tactics, strategies, and tools need to be effective and effective here.

What are the Challenges of Network Management?

  • Intricacy :  Network foundation is complicated, even in little and medium-sized organizations. Large number of gadgets, working frameworks and applications need to cooperate. The battle to keep up with command over this rambling biological system has been compounded by the reception of distributed computing and new systems administration advances, for example, programming characterized organizing.
  • Security Threats  : The number, assortment and complexity of organization security dangers has developed quickly. As an organization develops, new weaknesses and likely weak spots are presented.
  • Client Expectations : Clients have become used to quick velocities. Progresses in equipment and organization data transfer capacity, even at home, implies that clients anticipate reliably high organization execution and accessibility. There’s low capacity to bear vacation.
  • Cost : The administration of organization foundation includes some significant downfalls. While robotized devices have made the cycle more straightforward than at any other time, there’s both the expense of innovation and cost of work to battle with. This cost can be intensified when different cases of organization the board programming should be sent because of absence of versatility to help present day undertaking networks with 10s of thousands of gadgets.

Advantages of Network Management : 

Having the above parts set up assists you with better dealing with your organization. A portion of the advantages you get when this happens are point by point underneath.

  • Lessens Network Costs :
  • One advantage is you end up with diminished network costs. This is conceivable by meeting your SLAs and distinguishing superfluous or unused gadgets and associations. Likewise, tackling issues quicker helps bring down your interim to fix  and subsequently your expenses.
  • Builds Productivity :
  • Expanded efficiency is another advantage. You’ll save time while you’re tackling issues as opposed to requesting network maps or a background marked by previous issues; not any more flying visually impaired.
  • Limits Network Silos : 
  • A third advantage is limiting or forestalling network storehouses. As a component of the cycle to screen and keep up with your organization, you can find new organization gadgets and connections that get conveyed. You can likewise recognize new subnets as they’re added. This significantly expands the perceivability you have of what’s out there.
  • File sharing – You can easily share data between different users, or access it remotely if you keep it .

Disadvantage of Network Monitoring Are as follows:-

1.) Purchasing the network wiring and file servers can be high-priced.

2.) Handling a substantial network is complicated, requires a network supervisor and training generally needs to be employed.

3.) When the file server reduces the files to the file server become inaccessible. Electronic Mail might still function if it’s on a separate server.

4.) Viruses can spread to other computers throughout a pc network.

5.)There’s A danger of hacking, especially with wide-area networks.


There are several components of trusted network which are as follows −

A trusted network architecture facilitate information about the hardware and software states of devices 

  • Client Device 
  • Network Access Device 
  • Authentication, Authorization and Access Control Server 
  • Posture Remediation Servers
  • Directory Server 
  • Other Servers 

Features :

  • Network automation
  • Network administration
  • Network Operation
  • Network assurance
  • Network provisioning
  • Network maintenance
  • Network analytics

Functions Of Network Management :

  • Fault management
  • Configuration management
  • Data logging and reports
  • Network Security
  • Accounting management of network resources
  • Performance Management

Tips For Considerations :

The difficulties can influence how fruitful you are with network the executives, regardless of having what you want. Here are a few hints to consider to assist with limiting the difficulties while receiving the rewards.

Get the right devices and situation. You’ll require network the executives programming that can gather information utilizing different strategies. It requirements to involve dynamic cautioning and edges to forestall ready exhaustion for yourself as well as your group. Furthermore, the product needs to give underlying driver investigation to assist you with taking care of the surge of organization.

Remember security. Try not to renounce fusing appropriate security instead of more straightforward organization the executives, such as utilizing less secure conventions. Nothing can be 100 percent secure, however don’t disregard this one.

Use decentralized administration. Try not to tie up your resources in one place to keep away from weak links. On the off chance that conceivable, consider dealing with your organization from outside your checked organization. If in the cloud, consider dealing with your essential cloud from an optional cloud. Keep in mind, AWS, Azure, and GCP don’t give you 100 percent uptime SLAs.

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