What Causes Depression?

Many things cause sadness, but we can pick some major causes of why many are so depressed today. These 5 factors below are known to be the answers to the question, what cause depression?

1) It might be your current life situation. Is your situation going bad physically, financially, or emotionally?People suffering from physical diseases are prone to be depressed especially if the pain is severe and long. Physical insecurities can also include Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon old age. This can be depressing even to those intheir early 60s.

Some too who are struggling financially can easily be depressed. Unemployment can cause a lot of anxieties and distresses that can rob our peace of mind. Family relationship breakdowns had caused many to feel that life is useless and worthless. If either of these Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi  is your current life condition would I say it’s normal for you to get depressed? This situation is generally overcome by most persons in a relatively short period. But they trigger real depression in some.

2) Are you suffering from metabolic problems? Rehabs in Gurgaon Low blood sugar? Anaemia, mononucleosis, diabetes, cancer, or other illness that might contribute to weakness and discouragement? Yes sometimes even we are in the most favorable circumstance, physical body irregularities can damage our normal circulation and can cause unwanted moods. A woman at her menopausal stage suffers from mood swings or someone who has a very poor metabolism suffers from quick irritation. These are just some of the body problems that contribute to the cause of depression.

3) Hurtful experience is one of the major causes of depression. Children with unloving homes or who suffered from child abuse are often known to be depressed as early as in their teenage life. Sometimes we just think our teenagers became bad when they take drugs and engage in immorality and drunkenness, but it is all because they are depressed and wanted to destroy their lives. Parents must then be sensitive to the reasons that their children are turning to such vices.

4) Divorce and separation are highly known when it comes to a major causes of depression. Because of too much emotional anxiety and feelings of regret, the broken-hearted person slowly develops these negative views to the point of depression.

5) Another cause of depression has something to do with the weather. Especially in places where winter stays for 6 months or more. Gloomy days mean a gloomy heart for them. But usually, this kind of depression relates to some sad events that happened in their past. The gloominess of the weather triggers memories and brings back the pain of the past. People who suffer from SAD or sadly affected depression often feel depressed when the month or the season that they experienced emotional trauma is here again.

Well, the above are some points that will answer the question, what causes depression? It will add to the causes you already know about your depression. Depression is being suffered by many people around the globe. But just like any other illness, there are some ways or remedies we can do. Like other diseases that are treated, minimize, or relieved. Depression and its symptoms can be of the same idea. The only difference is that depression has a lot to do with the mind. You can contact us through our website to get the best treatment for depression in New Delhi.


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