What Is a Project Baseline & Why Does It Matter in Project Management?

Whether you are close to completion or have deviated from the project actuals, project baselines help you gather a clearer picture. You can detect problems, evaluate the real-time performance of the project, and ensure it’s on track if you have a robust schedule baseline in project management. It’s critical to have precise benchmarks to compare project performance to in order to monitor its progress. Without project baselining, your project’s trajectory could be negatively impacted. If you are interested in project baselines, please read on for more information.

Therefore, altering this point of reference will result in inaccurate performance measurements. Consequently, a baseline is revised upon receipt of an official request and the agreement of the sponsor or client. During work, the Project Leader must monitor variations from the baseline. However, after planning, all stakeholders agree on this strategy and anticipate actual results to be as expected.

What is Project Baseline and Why is it Important?

So a project manager must use the estimate and their expertise to establish a scope, budget, and schedule that will work for the project. Then they can break it down into completion periods to what is baseline in project management better judge the project against. The completion periods, percentages, or other units of measurement are the baseline. So a project manager will probably build some baseline no matter what.

Planning by roles is necessary to see what resources you’ll need to meet the initial quote. In fact, resource planning always goes hand-in-glove with scoping a project. Before drilling down to specific employees, it’s always easier to identify the roles needed for each project milestone, and move to making the next decisions from there.

What’s Included in a Project Cost Baseline?

If you want to make your baselines easily accessible and visible to stakeholders, consider creating them with project management software. That way, your team and stakeholders can collaborate and comment directly on your baselines, plus see any changes in real time. Establishing a change control process ensures that each potential update is considered in the context of all three project baselines. For example, if you receive a request to add an additional deliverable to your project scope, you can then analyze how that addition will impact your schedule and budget. If it will push your project too far off baseline, you can reject the change and close out the change request. Baselines give you a standard for how your project should be performing.

what is baseline in project management

Rather, it represents the total cost estimates for all of the tasks in a project schedule. In a perfect world, the cost projections would be on par with or less expensive than the project’s actual costs. The cost baseline is a bottom-line issue, but it’s also a way to assess cost variance, cost performance and planned effort versus actual https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ effort. Without a baseline, you have nothing to measure your spending against and control costs. Few things are more important than cost management when managing a project. These baselines serve as a project’s benchmark and provide insight into its performance, allowing project managers to make appropriate process modifications as needed.

– Project Planning

Resource Management View team workloads and reallocate tasks to avoid burnout. On your project board, go into your attached documents in the File column and duplicate the baseline document. After you duplicate the original, you can save the amended version as your new baseline and add to it as you go. Next you can focus on visualizing the schedule for the project.

what is baseline in project management

During your project, you can monitor actual performance against each baseline to ensure your scope, schedule, and budget stay on target. A baseline project plan is created by the stakeholders and is the initial plan without which you can experience overruns or project failures. According to a 2020 study by the Project Management Institute, 46% of projects reached completion within budget, and 39% were completed on time. The experienced organizations completed 63% of projects on time and 67% within budget. It provides a clear and concise way to track the progress of a project, as well as a reference point if anything changes. In the world of project management, this benchmark or target is known as the project baseline.

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It becomes difficult to understand the scope of the project and the current status which leads to a lack of direction to the initial estimate done. Using existing data, project baselines play a crucial role in enhancing the result of future activities and ensuring the project remains on track. Project baselines are an essential way to monitor your project’s performance over time.

  • Dependencies and durations of the activities, presented in a project schedule network diagram.
  • Establishing and maintaining a baseline is one of the essential tools for monitoring the progress of a project.
  • So, your initial scope baseline is a flexible reference point that captures present requirements.
  • It paves the way for an integrated view of important elements such as project schedule, costs, etc.
  • Without a baseline, your project plan is incomplete if you’re managing a big project.

This helps your stakeholders understand what is and isn’t part of the project deliverable. For example, imagine your stakeholders requested a new landing page design with interactive components. But with your current budget limitations, you can build the landing page but not the additional interactive components. Setting a scope baseline lets them know that limitation in advance so everyone is on the same page.

– Project Closure

I saw this happen when another project manager at my agency failed to realize how many coders he would need to launch a global ecommerce site. His team worked unfairly long hours, which did little for morale, until he got the additional personnel, . Without a project baseline, the schedule can be delayed by issues like mistimed material delivery or insufficient human resources. If the delay is due to lack of a scarce resource, you could be waiting weeks or even months to get back on track.

what is baseline in project management

If the project changes, document the modifications and communicate changes to internal and external stakeholders along the way. The project baseline not only helps with effective project planning and communication but also to meet, even exceed, client expectations. Frequent requests for changes to the project requirements may reflect poorly on the project manager and their team. In this project baseline example, you must first outline all the tasks needed to improve your conversion rate and achieve the end goal of 500 sales. This would include plans for social media posts for various platforms with detailed copy and design briefs.

Task Management

This allows you to assess the performance of your project over time. More often than not, it’s a sign that the baseline project plan wasn’t realistic. If you’re involved in project management, you know how difficult it is to create a project baseline and then meet the original objectives of scope, schedule, and cost. Last but not least, present your project baselines to key stakeholders in order to collect and incorporate their feedback. This step is important because it ensures you and your stakeholders are aligned on the scope, schedule, and budget targets for your project.

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