What is Demand Forecasting- Models & Best Practices?

Every prediction is regarded as forecasting in the fast-paced world of today because everything is always changing. For properties to accurately analyse their demand, price fluctuations, trends, seasonality, etc., forecasting has become essential during the past few years.

In order to predict forecasting future demand and behaviour, forecasting simply involves evaluating historical data and trends. This strategy helps us get ready for the uncertainty that lies ahead.

What is Revenue Management Forecasting?

A thorough tool that can be used to anticipate future performance is forecasting. It is thus the ideal technique to plan for uncertainty and create forecasts about occupancy, room nights, average daily income, and other factors using performance data and market trends.

Why is Forecasting Important for Revenue Management?

In order to plan for forecasting future demands and reduce uncertainty, forecasting is a crucial component of revenue management. Analyzing historical tendencies is crucial when thinking about the future. It assists you in analysing your mistakes and locating opportunities to generate additional cash.

Hotel demand forecasting

The future price approach is also decided via predicting. Without a precise forecast, you couldn’t possibly guess the right rate for the room or volume.

What are the Key Challenges of Forecasting?

Every forecast is a prediction. It’s not always true because nobody has the ability to see into the future, especially when events like Covid-19 appeared out of the blue. The biggest obstacle to forecasting is uncertainty. In fact, anything lacking some previous data can be problematic because forecasting will become challenging and complicated.

Basic forecasting model

One of the simplest and least computationally intensive forecasting models is the basic forecasting model. To forecasting future demand, all you have to do is use historical data (room nights sold, occupancy, ADR, revenue, etc.) and market trends. By doing this, you can almost surely predict how your following year will turn out.

Advanced Forecasting Model

A little more complicated is the Advanced Forecasting Model. Instead of using hotel demand forecasting, you should concentrate on the information by segment while using the market trends as previously. You can forecast more correctly if you divide it up into distinct chunks. For instance, you wouldn’t include a large group this year in the basic model, but you might think about a higher occupancy the following year.

But in this one, you’ll already be aware that the group won’t be returning the following year. As a result, you will be estimating fewer room nights. This provides you with a more thorough understanding of the various categories and the precise demand you may anticipate thus choosing the right Hotel demand forecasting.


How to Implement Forecasting Techniques at Your Hotel?

Although forecasting initially may appear frightening, it is essential from an operational standpoint. The most crucial aspect of managing a property is correctly allocating workers, therefore you must estimate how many people you’ll need on shift. Consider forecasting as a tool that will help you eliminate uncertainty from your life and make wise business decisions.


Initially, compile market trends and historical data. Compare them once you have all these to see if you can make any inferences. Find any opportunities that you may have passed on or responded to too slowly.  Establishing the property’s pricing strategy, which will ultimately result in achieving the required revenue, depends on forecasting future demand.

Depending on your objectives, you can use forecasting future demand to decide whether to concentrate on the rate or the volume. It is a helpful tool for developing a base and setting sensible pricing further in the future while optimising revenue.

Business operations are improved and future events are anticipated thanks to forecasting. It’s not entirely correct, though. Nothing will ever be, so you must continually return to it, evaluate it, and make the necessary changes. Lastly. If you are looking for the right software to help build your demand forecasting, then connect with RateGain now and end all your worries.

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