Why do 99% of people fail to become successful in life?

Success is not something that you will get overnight as you may find milestones that you want to achieve in your life are chased after by so many and you will find them more concentrated, focused and devoted than you. For becoming successful you have to give 110%. Putting in the extra effort will move mountains. Some of you might get feel uneasiness but this edginess is nothing but it’s your mental weakness. There are so many other weaknesses that you must have not been looking over. When you don’t cast an eye over what was your approach, how much relentless hard work have you put in and how continual you were in doing so. Compare all these aspects with someone who must have succeeded in the onerous task. The denouement will be in your favour if you are insistent in overcoming your incapacity which can be because of your complacency, smugness, and irresoluteness. You may not have brains but you can develop it by working arduously.  You must take a Sankalp. So all belief barriers that this can’t be done will all go away. If you have 0 IQ, then you also can be top 3 per cent of the very best in any of the fields. I believe IQ is not fixed. Generally, non-achievers are those who are directionless and maybe not working hard as required, and most non-achievers believe that their hard work will not render any result as they are not brainy. But it’s not like you are competing with others it’s about you fighting with yourself. so then you must not compare yourself with others in terms of IQ numbers. Just be sankalpit and samarpit that is all that is needed. Even a 30 IQ person will beat 170 IQ person if he is sankalpit and samarpit. Every person can be outsmarted believe me. If you are targeting Top Engineering Colleges in Pune or elsewhere then you must be smarter and intelligent. These are the below steps that you can follow in order to get the desired result.

Belief System

Your belief system has constructs of truth that you generally ensue from seemingly reasonable statements that can have come off from your experiences or your family or friends or society must have inculcated. Many times when we experience failure we create a barrier around ourselves and always think that it is insuperable. The Most irrefutable fact is that you can crossover any belief barrier. So you must try to break your belief barrier. Let’s say if you are a fat boy and friends irk you then take the challenge and you think you can’t do it then this is a chance when you can cross over this pseudoscientific belief

Dealing with challenges that Come-By

Some of us are so discomposed after they listen to anything challenging. Challenges are generally designed to delineate your personality traits. Your performance in any task will limn your personality traits. So you must face all the challenges that come by as they will shape your personality.

Surrender To Situation

When you capitulate to the challenge then you concede defeat. Surrendering to the situation can never be an option for anyone as this is the simplest option. Don’t stop doing something when you feel it to be difficult.  Change your way and approach then track down the progress. This will boost your motivation and even make you progress.              

Look after yourself

You must learn how to make your bed, how to keep your room clean, and how to cook. These small things will build you and will make you more dedicated and focused. Every small thing has its value.

Fighting Spirit

We must have a fighting spirit that must not pall away as the demanding situation comes in. Lets for say if you have failed in any paper then you should start preparing for the same on the same day itself and give your 100 per cent. You must not get into melancholy from any of the failures.

Organized Approach

if you have academic goals to excel then you must spend time preparing it in an organized way. Distribute each chapter into concepts and make a schedule according to whichever concept will take more time and whichever will take less. Similarly, if you have any goals in life then split them into tasks and devote more time to the parts that need more organized arduous efforts. Practice to check how much finesse you are in the skill set.

Think Analytically

Subjects such as mathematics and physics require more ardent hard work to be good at them. Similarly whenever you will get any task in life then you must analyze how you are going to perform it. By getting into Nettie grit ties of the challenge you will easily be able to strategize well.

Be Discipline

We always miss out on working in a disciplined manner and that will have a direct impact on our performance. You will find it difficult to follow it but slowly when you will get adapt to it. It will be queasy for you. Discipline will bring consistency, persistence, and dedication. All three are required for achieving any big goals. I have seen people struggling to follow discipline. Discipline comes when you have a desire for achieving something and if you have that desire more than any other person then this will be easier for you.

Growth Mindset

 Many of us don’t have any goals they just put effort directionlessly. You must have a goal that will give you the motivation to go on. You must have long-term and short-term goals. A growth mindset is not when you want growth it is when you work to grow.


Achieving anything might not be easy but when you have proper strategized effort along with a direction then there is surety of success. The reason why 99% fails is because they are not as committed as 1% are.




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