Top 5 Best Places In India You Should Go Before Turn 30

When you reach 30, things around you change too. 

Your perspectives and responses will be different than the ones you used to have at the age of 20.

Your main focus in life will become all about settling down now, a fixed job, a house of your own, and of course a life partner to share the rest of your life with.

Morning jobs will turn into sessions at the gym in the evening.

Social life will be new to you once again because your old friends will fade away and the ones you now consider as friends are your colleagues.

così è la vita!

Therefore before turning thirty and getting no way out of life, you should travel to the top 5 best places in India that are mentioned below.

Goa- The Land Of Parties

The name itself brings a smile to every age’s face. 

Goa is not only the place where there are shacks and pubs everywhere, it is actually the best place to party hard and love every bit of life before turning 30.

Goa is also suitable for the not-so-excited soul, it offers kayaking at Palolem, or riding a banana boat at Vagator or to have the best time you can try paragliding at Calangute.

For an Indian who especially loves the beach, Goa is the first place to visit in India. 

Since Goa is a popular place visited by young and adults, friends, or partners, finding budget-friendly accommodation and flight is going to be difficult.

So it is always better you book everything in advance. 

There are moments when a sudden trip to Goa is possible, therefore interMiles helps you to find accommodation in hotels, villas, luxurious suits and is budget-friendly.

They also give you the best budget deals on flights.

Andaman-Nicobar- the land of black water.

You must include sea-walking while planning a trip to Andaman Island. 

A sea walk is exactly like a nature walk where you appreciate everything about nature, but the only thing is it all happens underwater.

The Andaman-Nicobar islands offer a lot of water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, and many more.

Its natural habitat makes the spot more beautiful as well as a good place to visit in India. 

The islands are breathtaking and a place to create beautiful memories.

Imagine flying over pristine blue waters and landing at the heart of it, it’s already taking a toll on you, isn’t it?

There are plenty of airline options to fly to Andaman and you can do it from your nearest city as all major cities in India have the option to directly fly there. 

You can also redeem your flights for the preferred flights.

No wonder why it is one of the wonders in India.

Assam- The Land Of Rhinos  

This is the home of one-horned Rhinos, and obviously, another best place in India to travel in. 

If you and your friends or family are nature freaks, this is the best option next to Africa.

Assam is covered with flora and fauna, there are many species of plants and your guide will let you all know one by one. 

The Kaziranga National Park is a must-visit when you are in Assam. 

Visakhapatnam- The Land Of Navies

It is a bonus if you are into war movies because Visakhapatnam is home to India’s Navy’s submarine fleet. 

The submarine museum is a must-visit to learn what life in a sub is like.

This place is considered one of the best places to visit in India. 

Besides all the navy stuff the place also has pristine beaches in Vizag, an exciting adventure spot with finger-licking good foods everywhere. 

Rajmachi- The Land Of Explorers

This place has plenty of spots used for campaigning, trekking.

It has the best trails for trekking.

If you are with your partner at Rajmachi then consider renting motorcycles, starting from Pune to the steep inclines.

At the end of the day, you will be tired because of the rough road but happiness will keep reminding you that it is all worth something. 

The Bottom Line!

Life will be busy if you consider it.

Life is not the way it comes, it’s the way you see it.

Have some fun before you become 30, enjoy your vacations by choosing the worthy places. 

Weekends are mostly used by people to chill in pubs, watch movies, etc.

Take the chance and see everything for real with your own eyes. 

Thirties become a very challenging age for all.

Work and Family pressure starts increasing, so knowing these things don’t you think you should do things that your body still permits?

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