Internet of Everything AI (IoE)


IoE AI, also known as Internet of Everything is a Singapore based tech-savvy company. IoE AI has substantial technological knowledge in the fields of algorithms, data, and computing acceleration. IoE AI has actively pushed financial and artificial intelligence research and development since 2018, generating extraordinary accomplishments in the cryptocurrency trading industry. It has achieved extensive data and strategic collaboration with well-known cryptocurrency trading platforms like Coinbase, Binance, Bitfinex, Gemini, and other well-known exchanges. The combination of artificial intelligence analysis and mathematical models is accurate and effective. The concurrency speed at the millisecond level is commendable. The website has over a million members right now and has made a name for itself as the top cryptocurrency trading platform worldwide. IoE AI is dedicated to developing a cryptocurrency exchange system that is suitable for a wide range of trading scenarios, meets the needs of various user groups such as individual and institutional investors, and supports program trading, high-frequency trading, and rapid application development and access.

Our Mission:

We offer highly configurable, end-to-end autonomous AI services that enable our experienced AI agency to process data, train machine and deep learning models, and monitors their output. In addition to all of the open source algorithms accessible, IoE AI has developed tools for training customized neural networks that outperform traditional models and are easy to automate.

Our Vision:

The IoE AI platform is a cloud AI platform that manages all aspects of machine and deep learning at the institutional level. We enable recurring use cases such as churn prediction, time series forecasting, and deep learning-based customization.

Ecosystem of IoE:

Our intuitive platform and thorough methodology relieve you from having to orchestrate numerous services, continually create the wheel, and deal with insurmountable scale issues. World-class enterprises, including several Fortune 500 corporations, have implemented IoE AI.

IoE AI Quantitative Trading Ecosystem:

AI Platform:

Corporate AI platform, top trading algorithms, autonomous machine learning, and hyper parameter optimization are all factors that help AI quantitative processing become more effective quickly.

Massive alpha factor library:

More than 20,000 basic factors are present. Its AI facilitates the development of more derivative variables, allowing for the identification of more market prospects while staying one step ahead of the competition.

Factor Construction and Analysis:

The expression engine builds a library of different factors, enables thorough factor analysis, and expedites the identification of useful risk factors.

Advanced optimization:

Other specialized tools for high-end investors include attribution analysis, rolling-over training, hyper parameter search, and portfolio optimizer.

Visual programming environment:

To boost system development efficiency, the modularized visual programming environment is smoothly linked with the Python version.

Our Collaboration & Working Experience:

  • Google
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Uber

Blockchain and IoE AI:

IoE AI will continue to strive for excellence as a new generation crypto asset trading platform, launching Web version 3.0 with a comprehensive user experience upgrade and a focus on a variety of digital financial management sections: instant exchange, leverage, derivative contracts, futures battle, trading, mining, liquidity pools, and IoE AI Digital Business School.

Additionally, IoE AI will act as a link between AI quantitative trading and a number of industries, including NFT, DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, MetaFi, and many more, enhancing the asset management experience for all investors worldwide.

IoE and Coinbase:

In 2022, IoE AI and Coinbase formally joined with the goal of creating a new AI and financial ecosystem. IoE AI and Coinbase collaborated to invest $2 billion in the development of the IoE AI quantitative trading platform in order to achieve the optimal integration of AI and finance. IoE AI’s main product is the AI intelligent analytical computer chip. Our current 6.2.1 intelligent robot has a variant of it installed. Its entrance interrupted and distorted various industries’ traditions, notably the practice of financial trading. To make trading easier, use the IoE AI quantitative trading platform. IoE AI will continue to strive towards excellence as a next-generation crypto asset trading platform.

Web version 3.0 is being released with a full user experience improvement and an emphasis on a range of digital financial management areas, including instant exchange, leverage, derivative contracts, futures battle, trading, mining, liquidity pools, and IoE AI Digital Business School.

Prevailing Problems for AI and IoE:

  • Substantial income volatility
  • Technical complexity in operation
  • Hefty investment threshold

Solution to Problems:

  • IoE Quantitative Algorithm:

A new system built on blockchain and AI may combine data factors and crypto-derived data provided by each node on the chain to create a new library of trade decision variables. With the help of petabyte scale data storage, multi-factor coin selection, turtle trading, cross-product arbitrage, sector rotation, statistical arbitrage, grid trading, high-frequency trading, double moving averaging, and other models, node data is analyzed and traded from a variety of perspectives, resulting in a safer, more open, decentralized, and effective experience for income-generating asset management.

  • Asset Management Services:

IoE AI will also serve as a bridge between AI quantitative trading and various sectors such as NFT, DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, MetaFi, and many more, resulting in a better asset management experience for global investors.

IoE and Strategic Development Plan:

  • Achieve the optimal AI-finance marriage: automatic factor discovery, knowledge graph and graph computing, as well as increased analysis based on privacy protection, will all play a larger part.
  • Smart contracts, zero-knowledge proofs, and cross-chain technology open up new possibilities. Distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are yet another essential tool for building a financial ecosystem. Key technologies include smart contracts, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFT), and other innovations enable cryptocurrency wallets, assets, and other uses.
  • The cloud-native benefits of agility, high elasticity, and micro services are becoming more popular.

Future Prognosis:

IoE AI’s AI quantitative trading port will be officially launched in 2022, making it available to the majority of individual and institutional investors. It will soon act as a crucial link between the Group’s applications in artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, and other areas thanks to neural learning algorithms, iterative models, and AI quantitative trading, enabling IoE AI to eventually realize its long-term strategy of entering the financial Metaverse.


IoE AI’s goal and aspiration is to retain originality while letting AI guide human evolution. IoE AI is committed to using AI to advance economic, social, and human development as well as collaborating to build a better future. With the intention of deeply integrating AI with conventional finance and launching the IoE AI Smart Trading Robot and Smart Financial Expert Service Program in 2022, the IoE AI Research Center was established in 2018.


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