Is it Okay to Wear an Opal on Ring Finger?


People wear gemstones in various accessories to experience their magnificent healing properties and spiritual vibrations that help achieve new heights in personal life. From astrological point of few as well, most crystal holds a special place and association with multiple zodiac signs as well as have planetary connection. Wearing Gemstone Rings from astrological perspective continues to serve a large form of beliefs and is known to provide lots of astrological benefits. People wear these crystal rings according to their own planetary connection and with respect to their zodiac signs in order to suit them in relation to their personal life.

All About Opal

One such crystal is Opal that is equally stunning in terms of appearance and astrological perspective both. The crystal is a clear depiction of genuine beauty, wealth, and grace showing a beautiful property of play of colors while capturing hearts of many jewelry enthusiasts. This unique property of scattering light from multiple angles adds value and a sense of fascination among its praisers. Not just rings, but Opal accessories are highly cherished and famed in every form and people love to add such elegancy to their wardrobe.

You can always find a large variety in Genuine Opal Crystal, and it comes in almost every color having different individual properties of their own. But according to change in personal preferences and choices, one thing that can be claimed about opal is that there is a large possibility that there exists an opal for everyone according to their personal preference.

Astrological Aspect

Opal represents charm, love, and success and is related to Venus planet. The planet is known to be associated with luxury and relationships and is responsible to provide a great success in the life of an individual. Wearing Opal Ring for people with this planet sign is mostly suggested to strengthen their personal relationships and a chance to live luxurious life.

Wearing this crystal strengthens the power of the wearer financially helping him lead a life full of comfort and a chance to fulfill all their dreams. The gem is generally embedded for maintaining strong relationships, love and compatibility in personal life relations.

But the question arises with the corrective measure to wear and include this crystal in life in order to achieve maximum healing benefits to the fullest. For this perspective it is important to understand the significance and meaning of each finger.

Is it Okay to Wear an Opal on Ring Finger

What Each Finger Represents?

The thumb in your hand is a representation of willpower and self-efficacy. It clearly denotes strength of a person and often dark-toned vibrant crystals like Garnet are suggested to wear on thumb.

Moving on to the index finger of your hand, it is particularly associated with Jupiter planet. It represents and is known provide benefits in terms of Self-confidence, leadership skills, and success in life. Wearing right bold crystals like Amethyst in this finger can help attain new level of achievements by boosting overall confidence of a person.

The middle finger in your hand is a representation of balance, luxury, responsibility, and soul searching. This finger effectively helps an individual to connect with themselves internally. Wearing soothing stones like Aquamarine can serve a peace of mind to the wearer.

The Ring finger, also known as the finger, connected with the heart is a clear representation of love, relationships, and creativity. Wearing Opal on ring finger can enhance the quality of relationships in your personal life. It helps in essential commitment and necessary fondness that brings life in relationships.

The Pinky finger of your hand is associated with mercury planet and is known for intuitive, persuasion, and great communication skills. Wearing crystals like Moonstone in this finger can enhance the quality of success it brings to the wearer.


So, yes wearing an Opal on Ring Finger is not just okay, but quite beneficial for an individual to a great extent. Explore a wide range of Opal Jewelry today.

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